Event feedback 19.6.2016»

We have opened an email address for event feedback and reclamations regarding Lappee-Jukola 2016. You can expect replies momentarily.

The winning teams at prize ceremony 19.6.2016»

The best of Lappee-Jukola were awarded with their prizes on Sunday morning’s prize ceremony. 25 best teams were invited on stage in turns to receive their prizes. Read more

Jukola Message 2016 19.6.2016»

”Vast is the stump-filled clearing, yet beyond its edges your eye cannot pierce; for in the east, the south and the west, forests limit the view and in the north the lofty height. But ascend the height, to its ridge crowned by scattered spruce, and your glance can range far on every side.” Read more

Koovee won Jukola 19.6.2016»

Year 2016 Lappee-Jukola winner is Finnish Koovee. Read more

Status update about the parking areas 19.6.2016»

The continuous rain has made the parking fields soft and towing assistance has been needed. We ask you to be patient. Read more

A run through in Jukola relay already on the first leg 19.6.2016»

Jukola Relay’s first head lamps were shining at the competition centre when the leading teams arrived at the run through part only about half an hour after the start. Read more

Jukola relay on the move in the darkening night 18.6.2016»

At 11 p.m. sharp on Saturday evening over 1,700 orienteers sprinted into the dark and wet summer night. Jukola Relay of 2016 has begun! Read more

Uploading GPS data to internet during the race is forbidden 18.6.2016»

Please remember that according to the competition instruction the data recorded with competitor’s own GPS device cannot be used in order to improve one’s performance in the competition. The restriction applies also on uploading the data to internet. Read more

Octocopter films Jukola event from the sky 18.6.2016»

(suomi) Skyline Median Sander Allikmäe on mukana Jukolan viestissä ensimmäistä kertaa. Read more

With team spirit to top two 18.6.2016»

Both Venla relay’s first team Halden Sk and Tampereen Pyrintö arriving second brought up the good spirit of their teams at the press conference after the competition. Read more

Venla relay win to Norway, Finnish teams with a strong performance 18.6.2016»

Mari Fasting, the anchor of the Norwegian team Halden SK was the winner arriving to the finish Read more

Second leg’s Venlas rushed first in front of the spectators 18.6.2016»

Moa Leijon-Lind from Södertälje Nykvarn OK speeded in front of the spectators to the first run through in Jukola history. Read more

The teams of Venla relay sprinted into the forests of Raippo 18.6.2016»

The rainy weather didn’t flatten the spirit of the 1391 teams, on the contrary there were seen exited and focused orienteerers. Read more

Jukola was officially opened 18.6.2016»

The Jukola relay for year 2016 has now been officially opened Read more

Tips for families with children in Jukola 17.6.2016»

Is it still far away? Read more

Shopping in Jukola shop before the rush hours 17.6.2016»

Lappee-Jukola weekend is absolutely about shopping in the Jukola shop. Read more

Lappee-Jukola gate is open 17.6.2016»

Lappee-Jukola gate opened on Friday morning at 10 a.m. in a wet but sunny weather Read more

Lappee-Jukola voluntary work breaks the records 16.6.2016»

Lappee-Jukola will break the records with the amount of volunteers taking part in the organisation. There are about 2,000 volunteers and new enrolments are going on until the last moments. Read more

Lappee-Jukola attraction finally public 15.6.2016»

In the Lappee-Jukola relay during the weekend there is a speciality which has not been experienced during the Jukola 68-year-long history. In about half of the legs the track runs through the competition centre thus bringing the orienteers in front of the eyes of thousands of spectators. Read more

A lot of new information about Lappee-Jukola 10.6.2016»

It’s only one week to the Lappee-Jukola orienteering weekend and it’s time to reveal some new information about the event. The guide maps of the competition center have just been published and the more details will follow during the race week. Read more

GPS-teams in Lappee-Jukola 9.6.2016»

The list of teams followed with the GPS tracking system has been published. For those living abroad the GPS-supported WebTV broadcast is available on 15 € price including both relays and the ticket to follow the Jukola’s final leg GPS tracking in real time. Read more

Lappee-Jukola offers health-promoting food services 7.6.2016»

In Jukola 2016 food and restaurant services are designed in such a way that they are supporting, above all the athletes’ performance by providing high quality and nutritionally balanced entity of meals . Special diets catered are lactose-free, milk-free and gluten-free. Read more

Operational instructions for Lappee-Jukola 4.6.2016»

A mass event in a rural environment is a magnificent experience, but also a great challenge to the organizer. Following the common instructions and rules is a qualification for safe and enjoyable event. Please take some time to read how to operate in Lappee-Jukola -instructions in advance. Read more

3104 teams, 17558 orienteers 2.6.2016»

The registration for Lappee-Jukola has ended. A total number of participants on races 18th and 19th June will be 17558, which is the second largest in Jukola history. Read more

Competition instructions have been published 19.5.2016»

Lappee-Jukola relay competition instructions have been published and can be found in the competition info menu. Check out the instructions carefully in advance to ensure smooth functioning over the competition weekend. More general guidance will be published in the at a steady pace prior to the event. Read more

The Jukola-village is rising – register your team now! 9.5.2016»

The second entry fee step for Lappee-Jukola is closed on Wednesday 11th May at 23:59. In the same time also the reservation for all event center accommodation is closed. Register your team, tent area reservation, caravan parking and club bus parking place application now and join in the orienteering festival of over 15 000 fellow-orienteers! Read more

100 days to start 10.3.2016»

Today on Thursday March 10th it is exactly 100 days to the start of Lappee-Jukola. Now is the time to put on your sneakers and start training for the main event of the orienteering summer 2016. Read more

Christmas Gift to All Orienteers 23.12.2015»

Track Committee wishes you Happy Holidays and brings you a special gift: old maps from Lappee-Jukola area! Read more

Open for all pre-Jukola race 12th September 15.8.2015»

On Saturday 12th September 2015 a pre-Jukola orienteering race is run in Simola terrain right next to Lappee-Jukola’s competition area. This is one of the best ways to prepare for next year’s main event. Read more

Jukola flag was handed over to Lappeen Riento 14.6.2015»

(suomi) Louna-Jukolan päätösseremoniassa Jukolan lippu luovutettiin Lappeen Riennolle merkiksi järjestelyvastuun vaihtumisesta. Read more

500 days to Lappee-Jukola 4.2.2015»

Today it is exactly 500 days to go until the start signal of Lappee-Jukola echos on Saturday 18th June 2016. Preparations are on schedule and it is time to reveal few numbers about what has been going on lately. Read more