Octocopter films Jukola event from the sky

Skyline Media’s Sander Allikmäe is at Jukola for the first time. Allikmäe has been in Finland on events such as The Weekend  Festival and in Province Rock.

Flying needs experience and routine

In Jukola you may see him nearby a flying copter camera. Today octocopters have become general in video production and they provide real time picture to various points. To be able to fly a octocopter needs experience:

-Our pilot has got over ten years of experience in flying with different flying machines. You need to be very experienced because you’ll need to be ready to work if wind surprises you and your helicopter.

– Our pilots have over ten years of experience of all kinds of flying equipment. The pilot hast to be experienced e.g. for the conditions so that the winds won’t surprise, says Allikmäe.

Allkimäe can follow the picture sent by the copter on real-time on a small screen:

– We are doing live broatcast and I am controlling the camera and the pilot of course the helicopter, Allikmäe says

– We partner with Levira who takes care of delivering the signal to where ever it is needed, he continues

A long-expected event on hand

Allikmäe taking part in Jukola for the first time is eagerly looking forward to the event:


– I know that this is a very big event in Finland and I am very happy to be here. We were very happy when we heard that we would be there.

Even though the weather is rainy didn’t Allimäe think it would disturb the spectators on the spot and was sensing the awaiting atmosphere before the Venla relay:

– Even though it is raining the people are excited and waiting for the relays to start.

Text: Juho Kokko

Modified: 18.6. 20:47 Can you belive it, the copter has eight (octo-) propellers, not four (quad-).

Modified: 18.6. 21:14 Credit given to Levira too.


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