The Lappee-Jukola event center is located approximately 15 minutes from the city of Lappeenranta. Arrival is possible by a passenger car, a motorbike, a caravan, a bus and a bicycle. All vehicles have separate road sign guidance that has to be followed.

There is bus service operating between the city of Lappeenranta and Jukola, and between Vainikkala international railway station (only for passengers arriving from Russia) and Jukola.



  • From south (Kotka, Helsinki): Highway 7 and road 387 exit, Vaalimaa. (Navigation address: Lappeenrannantie 1, Virolahti)
  • From west (Kouvola, Lahti): Highway 6 and Highway 13 intersection 50, Selkäharju (Navigation address: Kuutostie 935, Lappeenranta)
  • From north (Mikkeli): Highway 13 and Highway 6 intersection 50, Selkäharju. (Navigation address: Kuutostie 935, Lappeenranta)
  • From east: (Lappeenranta, Imatra): Highway 6 intersection 52, Ihalainen. (Navigation address: Vaalimaantie 1, Lappeenranta)

For those arriving from Helsinki or Turku areas it is highly recommended to use route via Highway 7. On highway 6 between Luumäki and Lappeenranta a massive road construction makes the travelling time longer.

Starting points on map:

Arriving routes in Google maps.

Arriving routes in Google maps.


Pysäköintialueet ja kävelyreitit kilpailukeskukseen

Parking areas and walk paths to competition centre

Passenger cars

Passenger cars are parked in a specific field. Parking tickets are sold in Jukola shop for the price of 15 €. If the parking is paid while exiting the parking area, the price is 25 €. Follow the road signs and instructions given by the traffic officials and reserve enough time for arrival.

From the parking area it is a 2,5 – 3 km walk to the event center. Half of the way is tarmac and half gravel road. An equipment transportation service is provided by the organizer from the starting point of the passage to the event center.

Those staying at tent areas B1600 – B2899 beside the road 387 may use an additional road side parking area closer to the accommodation area. Special instructions for this parking.



Guests arriving by motorbike follow the road signs with the additional sign of a motorbike. Motorbike parking is free of charge and it is approximately 1,5 km walk from the parking area to the event center.



Caravan parking spaces are available for those who have reserved and paid in advance according to the competition invitation. Road signs with the additional sign of caravan lead to the caravan area, which is approximately 1,5 km from the event center.


Club buses

Club bus parking spaces are available those who have reserved and paid in advance according to the competition invitation. Follow the road signs with the additional bus sign. The buses staying in the club bus parking area are guided directly to the parking area where the unloading and loading takes place. The buses without a pre-reservation will be guided to a separate unloading / loading area. Follow the instructions given by the officials.



A free of charge parking area for bicycles is reserved on the north side of the event center, about 500 meters from the event centre. Biking in event centre is forbidden. The organizer is not responsible for bikes left on bicycle parking area.


Disabled parking

There is no separate parking area for those with disability badges. People with disabilities may step off their ride on taxi post, but there is no parking possibility. The distance from the drop point to competition centre is 1,2 km including a narrow 350 m long gravel road section. An assistant is highly recommended for those with disabilities.


Lappeenranta – Jukola – Lappeenranta -bus

There is a bus service between Lappeenranta and Lappee-Jukola. The bus stop in Jukola is marked on guide maps and the stops in Lappeenranta area are marked with Jukola signs.

The price for one way ticket is 5 €, cash only!



  • Kisapuisto, Kisakatu 9, Lappeenranta (free passenger car parking).
  • City center, Lappeenkatu 1, Lappeenranta.
  • Travel center, Ratakatu 23, Lappeenranta. (Please notice that the bus stop is on the other side of the road, not in front of the station building)
  • LAPPEE-JUKOLA, Raipontie 1, Lappeenranta
  • Travel center
  • City center
  • Kisapuisto


Schedule: (New lines added 8.6.2016)

Times are departure times from line ends. The schedule for mid way points is related on traffic situation.

Times are departure times from line ends. The schedule for mid way points is related on traffic situation.


Vainikkala – Jukola – Vainikkala -bus

There is a shuttle bus service between the international railway station of Vainikkala and Lappee-Jukola according to the trains arriving from Moscow & St. Petersburg. Please notice that only passengers arriving from Russia can exit the train in Vainikkala. Access from the Finnish railway network is via Lappeenranta travel center. The bus stop is marked on guide maps.

Please notice the customs control regulations concerning the food import from the non-EU country when arriving from Russia to Lappee-Jukola!

The price for one way ticket is 5 euros (paid to the driver with cash only)



Times are departure times.

Times are departure times.