Lappee-Jukola offers health-promoting food services


Jukola relay is a globally-known and recognized brand, the quality of which has formed its own concept of “Jukola Class”. We want to organize the whole event, including the restaurant services, under the same concept of high-level and uncompromising quality. The leading idea and the goal of Lappee-Jukola is to provide the orienteers and visitors with high-quality and health-promoting food services.

There are a total of five warm meal options, three of which are a variety of pasta dishes, created particularly with athletes in mind. The options are spaghetti casserole with meat, pasta with tuna and vegetable lasagne. In addition, a portion of fresh salad, rye bread, whole wheat bread, spread and mineral water are served with the meals. South Karelian food tradition is represented on the menu with Karelian stew, mashed potatoes, salad, rye and whole wheat bread, spread and mineral water. The classic Gentle chicken soup is served with rye and wholemeal bread, spread and mineral water.

In Jukola 2016 food and restaurant services are designed in such a way that they are supporting, above all the athletes’ performance by providing high quality and nutritionally balanced entity of meals . Special diets catered are lactose-free, milk-free and gluten-free. Food product informative labels are available, as well on the Jukola website as in the competition center. All warm meals offered during the race weekend are the so-called Heart Symbol meals, which are the healthier options. The quality and quantity of fat, salt and the amount of fibers are in accordance with the criteria of nutrition.

The meals are made from high-quality ingredients. The meats served are chicken fillet, minced meat and roast pork and beef for the Karelian stew. Whole-grain pastas, vegetables and the local 100% rye bread ensure excellent fiber content. By the way, the rye bread is baked a stone’s throw from the competition center and is guaranteed to be fresh! Iodized salt is used in accordance with the criteria, but still the food is not tasteless – it is guaranteed by the versatile use of spices and herbs!

Lappee-Jukola food is manufactured by Saimaan Tukipalvelut Oy of Lappeenranta.



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