100 days to start


The start of Jukola relay.

Today on Thursday March 10th it is exactly 100 days to the start of Lappee-Jukola. Now is the time to put on your sneakers and start training for the main event of the orienteering summer 2016. It is also the time for the makers of Jukola to start the sprint to make Lappee-Jukola the one to remember.

Lappee-Jukola has broken records in many fields. The highest number of teams ever registered in the first entry fee step was recorded at the early February and now there is approximately 13 000 orienteers noted their teams to race in Jukola and Venla relays. Registration is open until 1st of June and the cheaper entry fee registration is closed on May 11th. A total of 20 different nationalities are represented and for the first time in Jukola history also a team from Hong Kong is listed.

Also the number of voluntary Jukola staff is record breaking high at this point when there is still 100 days to go. 975 registered Jukola makers is a significant indicator of high voluntary spirit among the people in Southern Karelia and the friends of Jukola around Finland. Everybody is still welcome to join the Jukola staff and there are lots of tasks for English speakers too.

Lappee-Jukola is built around the Jukola visitors. Orienteers, service and support crowds and Jukola tourists are able to visit the Jukola village shops, enjoy restaurant services and festival stage shows and follow the race action from screens and beside the track without long distance transitions. The large event center field also makes it possible for the fastest tent reservation makers to stay the night in the heart of the action.

The event center is surrounded by wonderful Karelian countryside. The theme of Lappee Jukola is tailored to fit this with fresh birch forests and old fashioned building styles. The whole event center is planned according to this theme and when the building work begins there is a unique possibility for to makers of Jukola to study traditional building styles and techniques.

The old fashioned theme is created using the latest modern technology instruments. For the first time in Jukola history a complete 3D model of event center is created for the planning purposes using professional computer software. Buildings, tents, fences and all the other components are modeled to make sure everything has just enough space to the needs of Jukola-class mass event. For example TV camera views and screen positions have been carefully verified to make sure they are best possible to broadcast the Jukola atmosphere all over the world.

The Jukola village building work starts after the snow melts from the event center field. Simultaneously countless orienteers all over the world start their routine to be prepared for the main event of orienteering summer. A good inspiration for training motivation is to follow #Jukola in social media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are full of other orienteering enthusiastics who will share your training spirit.

Lappee-Jukola orienteering relay is run in Lappeenranta Finland 18th – 19th June 2016 – exactly 100 days from now! Welcome!

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