With team spirit to top two

Both Venla relay’s first team Halden Sk and Tampereen Pyrintö arriving second brought up the good spirit of their teams at the press conference after the competition.

To the win with team spirit

“tThis competition was won with the power of team spirit. We also had great fun with each other”, said Mari Fasting, the anchor for Halden SK. “We had a great feeling to the race”, ensured the winning team’s third leg runner Anni-Maija Fincke.

Voittajajoukkueessa juoksivat Sabine Hauswirth, Hollie Orr, Anni-Maija Fincke sekä Mari Fasting.

Sabine Hauswirth, Hollie Orr, Anni-Maija Fincke and Mari Fasting of the winning team.

Halden SK from southeastern Norway close to the Swedish border has succeeded in Jukola well.The club based in 1891 has now won the Venla relay five times and is thus number one in Venla long term statistics. Tampereen Pyrintö with the second place today holds the second place in the long term statistics with four Venla wins.

Reaching second place with a group of friends

Pyrintö team’s all members are from Tampere and have started orienteering in their home town before school age.”Reaching second place with mates means a lot” concluded Saila Kinni who ran the anchor leg and continued: “It was so great to see my mates on the bridge waiting for me!”


Lotta Karhola, Sonja Kyrölä, Venla Harju and Saila Kinni of Tampereen Pyrintö.


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