A new home was found for Viertolan Härkä -prize 16.6.2013»

Competition between Kalevan Rasti and Halden SK was finally solved. Kalevan Rasti won the relay second time in a row: The team had ten points more than the Norwegian before Jämsä-Jukola. Mika Tulonen, the representative of Helsingin Sanomat -newspaper, gave … Read more

The message of Jukolan viesti 2013 16.6.2013»

The novel by Aleksis Kivi telling the story of the seven brothers of Jukola is a story about strength of will and determination – ”Sisu”, like they say in Finnish.  When the brothers are threatened with a punishment, the eldest … Read more

An Enchanting Experience – Absolutely Fabulous Kuopio-Jukola in 2014 16.6.2013»

Many people, who are organizing Kuopio-Jukola in 2014, are working in many committees in Jämsä-Jukola. –– By working we learn the best to know what to avoid and what we could do even better, says competition manager of Kuopio-Jukola, Jouko … Read more

The info helps in all kinds of situations 15.6.2013»

 An hour before the start of the Jukola relay the situation at the Jämsä Jukola info is already starting to calm down. Almost all of the competion materials have been picked up, there are only a few left. The info … Read more

The team of the city of Jämsä participates in Jukola with two Jussis 15.6.2013»

The team of the city of Jämsä takes part in Jukola with confidence. The idea to take part in the competition came from the competition manager Jaakko Lajunen. The Jämsän Retki-Veikot club wanted to give the city the chance to … Read more

From the second leg straight to the beer tent 15.6.2013»

The top teams of the Venla relay have long since crossed the finish line, but hundreds of teams are still in the forest looking for the controls. Raija Backström, who ran the second leg for the 5th team of the … Read more

Meatballs are the favourite 15.6.2013»

 The head of the restaurant Johanna Rintapää is satisfied with the smooth running of the food services.By far the most popular dish at the restaurant is meat balls and mashed potatoes and at the grills, Finnish hash. – The popularity … Read more

Denmark won the Venla relay 15.6.2013»

Emma Klingernberg from Danish team OK Pan Århus has made history in the Venla relay. They were the first Danish team to win the relay. The victory wasn’t sure because Norwegian Halden OK has followed the team and temporarily passed … Read more

Middle Finland is like mini Finland, praises Jukola’s patron 15.6.2013»

Jukola relay’s patron and YLE’s executive director Lauri Kivinen runs the fifth leg of Suunta-Jurva’s third team.  – This is our ninth time in Jukola. There are people from my home area and also media people, Kivinen tells. And because … Read more

The Venla team of the city of Jämsä 15.6.2013»

  The city of Jämsä has representative teams both in Venla and Jukola relays. – City’s teams have been chosen carefully, team manager Katja Pohjoismäki assures.  Venla team consists of (according the running order) Riitta Hjelt, Heli Helminen, Anna-Liisa Juurinen … Read more

About 150 media representatives follow Jukola 15.6.2013»

The media centre of Jämsä Jukola, run by Mikko Lindroos, serves approximately 150 accredited representatives of media. – There are altogether about 40 foreign media representatives, for example from Sweden, Norway, Italy, Latvia, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Russia, Lindroos tells. Lars … Read more

First aid is performed in the forest and competition centre 15.6.2013»

People in charge of the first aid, Lotta Ahola and Riikka Vallittu, are satisfied with the weather in Jämsä. Sun is shining and it has been forecasted that it will be 20°C outside today. The weather is perfect for us. … Read more

The level in the start of Venla relay will be really high 15.6.2013»

One of the favourites in Venla relay, Tampereen Pyrintö, has been leaving Tampere on Saturday morning. The leader of the team, Jouni Mähönen, was excited about the race when he was packing his backpack. After two Venla relays, which have … Read more

GPS tracked teams 15.6.2013»

The following teams are tracked by GPS   VENLA 1 Halden SK 1 2 Paimion Rasti 1 3 OK Pan Århus 1 4 Sävedalens AIK 1 5 Leksands OK 1 6 SK Pohjantähti 1 7 OK Linne 1 8 Bäkkelagets … Read more

Merja looks for good feeling 14.6.2013»

Merja Rantanen- world championships hope of Jukola- host ‘Jämsän Retki-Veikot’ – is in weird situation, because this year she can’t take part as a competitor in Venla relay. – I was 14 when I took part in relay for the … Read more

Man of 30 Jukolas 14.6.2013»

Janne Salmi has his 30th Jukola ahead of him in Jämsä-Jukola this weekend. Salmi will run the second leg in the first team of the Turku Orienteers team (Turun Suunnistajat). His experience in the top level orienteering is unique; Salmela … Read more

The Field Manager promises that the structures are fine 14.6.2013»

Last preparations for Jämsä-Jukola are made on Friday. It rains at the moment but field manager Reima Taipale isn’t worried. Interviewing is luckily possible in the media tent which is near the finish area. ‒ I feel confident and I … Read more

FOF’s headcoach couching career is related to Jämsä 14.6.2013»

One phase of Juha Tainis – A- and B international teams’ head coach – couching career is related to Jämsä; his wife is from Jämsä and she was a member of Jämsän Retki-Veikot. In summer 2003 they did their summer … Read more

Accomodation in tent areas 14.6.2013»

The Competition Manager reminds teams in all tent areas that those areas are in the forest. There might be cutted small trees or branches which may be removed from the area but damage to living trees is not allowed. OPEN … Read more

Jämsä-Jukola TV-broadcast 13.6.2013»

  TV-broadcast will be shown in http://arenan.yle.fi/tv. Venla relay 13:45-17.30 YLE TV2, and Jukola relay  22.50-00.00 YLE FEM, 00.00-7.00 YLE TV2.

Running orders must be register on Friday 12.6.2013»

The running orders for both Venla and Jukola relays must the registered via Internet (jukola.com/2013/en/kilpailuinfo/ilmoittautuminen) by using club specific login details latest by Friday, June 14th 2013, 6 pm. The running orders can be registered in advance as non-public meaning … Read more

Note for the Jämsä-Jukola registered teams 7.6.2013»

The club material card has been posted by e-mail to the contact person of each registered team. To ensure that all of the teams have received the message, we kindly ask your contact person to check your e-mail. To be … Read more

Expert talks you through Jämsä-Jukola 6.6.2013»

The voice to be heard through Jukola relay is known to many former competitors and visitors. Antti Örn, is by the microphone now for the third time. Professional comments are to be expected; Antti has participated Jukola relay himself since … Read more

Take your children along 5.6.2013»

Jukola relay is an event, which attracts athletes as well as people not so keen on sports. Jukola is known of its relaxed atmosphere. Usually whole families come to the event, that is the reason children well-being has been in … Read more

Jukola-mail will be stamped with a special postmark 4.6.2013»

Jukka Talari has designed a special postmark for Jämsä-Jukola. All mail that is left in the mailbox in Jukola-shop will be stamped with this very special postmark. Mark contains the logo of Jukola-relay and Jämsän Äijä -character, who is wearing … Read more

Competition Center maps 4.6.2013»

All Competition Center maps will be published in the web pages as soon as they are finalised. Competition Center maps will be published by the end of this week (wk 23). Accommodation and team tent maps will be published in … Read more

Jukola sample orienteering terrain will be opened for training 30.5.2013»

Jukola sample orienteering terrain will be opened for training on Friday, June 7. That is one week before the relay race. A map of sample terrain called ”Miekkainpetäjä” has been printed (size A4). The map is done by Timo Joensuu. … Read more

Over 16 000 orienteers to Jukola 29.5.2013»

– Second highest number of registered orienteers in the Jukola history Over 16 000 orienteers have registered to Jämsä-Jukola. This is the second highest number of registered orienteers in the Jukola history. Only in last year’s Valio-Jukola in Vantaa, located in … Read more

Special traffic arrangements during Jämsä-Jukola 27.5.2013»

SPECIAL TRAFFIC ARRANGEMENTS DURING JÄMSÄ-JUKOLA ORIENTEERING RELAY RACE ON SATURDAY-SUNDAY 15.-16.6.2013 MYLLYMÄKI AREA No traffic jam expected on Friday, June 14. Major traffic jam to be expected in Myllymäki area on Saturday, June 15 at 9 – 16. Traffic jam … Read more

Tents by organizers still available 24.5.2013»

There are still available 16-persons tents by the organizer. The booking is available until 7.6.2013. If you want to book a tent, send an email to address ville.sabel@jukola.com . If there are still available tents at moment of the booking, … Read more

Jukola store has a real storekeeper 13.3.2013»

Tiina Mäki is a native of Jämsä and a devoted enthusiast of orienteering. She lives with her common-law husband in her childhood home at Mäkikuja in Kaipola. – My father built the house in the 1950s in the shadow of … Read more

The Holy Men in the Jämsä-Jukola event 13.3.2013»

Which team: Pyhät Miehet, in English the Holy Men, is a team consisting of mates from Central Finland with a hint of Southern Finland blood. Common factors are some kind of a history with Äänekoski Rasti E4 Orienteering Club, great … Read more

Nope Team Banter in the Jämsä-Jukola 25.2.2013»

Which team: Nope Team Banter. Mainly students and graduates from Edinburgh University. Goal in Jämsä-Jukola: Placement last year was 445. This year they are reaching for a top-three hundred placing. One of the most interesting international teams comes from the … Read more

Competing in Jämsä-Jukola – Äänekosken Sarjakuvaseura 5.2.2013»

Äänekosken Sarjakuvaseura (Äänekoski Comics Society) teams are legendary in Jukola orienteering relays. Their performances are always noticed and anticipated. One of the most sensational achievements has been gaining the last position in the race three times in a row (1993–1995). … Read more

Jukola speeding up 5.2.2013»

In about four months time Jämsä-Jukola orienteering event  will gather a broad range of orienteering enthusiastics together. At this point almost one thousand teams have registered and the amount of runners exceeds the amount competing in 1978 in this same … Read more

Jukola-class map is based on state-of-the-art laser scanning and plain old footwork 10.12.2012»

Jämsä-Jukola competition area is mainly of fabric forest with a lot of conifers. It is widely known that trees grow fast in Central Finland – and now this has been found in practice. Maps of the Jämsä-Jukola competition area are … Read more

YLE’s Lauri Kivinen is the guardian of the 2013 Jämsä-Jukola 4.12.2012»

Lauri Kivinen, the CEO of YLE has been invited to be the guardian of the Jukola and Venla Relay held in Jämsä next June. The invitation was proposed with the spirit of Aleksis Kivi by a group of seven people, … Read more

Enrolment to Jämsä-Jukola started right away 30.11.2012»

The beginning of the competition invitation and the enrolment for the next summer’s Jämsä-Jukola have surely been eagerly anticipated. Only a moment after the enrolment system was opened on the Jämsä-Jukola web site, the first entries were registered in the … Read more

Notice this when entering Jämsä-Jukola 30.11.2012»

Some reforms are taken to use on the entries of the 2013 Jämsä-Jukola. The dates of entries have been brought forward. The lowest entry fee: Venlas 150 €, Jukola 220 €. Entries by January 31st 2013 at 4 p.m. The … Read more

Jämsä-Jukola invites to enter 30.11.2012»

Entries are submitted electronically on the Jämsä-Jukola web site competition info menu, in the entry section. The access code needed in submitting will be sent by email in December to those clubs and associations who entered the Valio-Jukola. If you … Read more

Outfits from Noname for makers of Jukola 9.11.2012»

The cooperation between Jämsän Retki-Veikot and a sports clothing brand Noname has received a natural continuation. It was published in the Noname customer occasion on November 1st that Noname will supply the clothing of Jämsä-Jukola organisation. Noname is an international … Read more

The building of Jämsä-Jukola’s competition centre has started 1.11.2012»

The building of Jämsä-Jukola’s competition centre has started with a large forest clearing. Seven vocational school students cleared 2,5 hectares of forest in Myllymäki, Jämsä for two days. – This has been an easy opportunity for students to practice using … Read more

Maps are almost ready 30.10.2012»

The maps of Jämsä-Jukola are being finalized – on time. During the rest of the year the maps will get their final form before the printing work starting in March or April. At this stage only under ten people know … Read more

A cooperation agreement on garbage disposal 18.10.2012»

On October 18th 2012, Jaakko Lajunen, the Competition Manager of the 2013 Jämsä-Jukola and Jussi Konttila from Erkki Salminen Oy signed a cooperation agreement on actions associated with garbage disposal during next summer’s major orienteering event. The agreement covers the … Read more

Intersport Tourula for a leg host at 2013 Jämsä Jukola 11.10.2012»

Intersport Tourula and Jämsä Jukola 2013 singed a cooperation agreement for the 2013 Jukola and Venla relays on June 15th and 16th 2013 on October 11th 2012 at 11 am. The agreement covers a leg host for the third leg in the … Read more

A World Champion dropped by in Jämsä 26.9.2012»

A two-time long distance World Champion and a two-time Jukola Winner Olav Lundanes dropped by for a short training in Jämsä. Olav had arrived from Halden with a small group to familiarize with the up coming Jukola’s terrain.The visit didn’t … Read more

The supervisor of the restaurant is Johanna Rintapää 19.9.2012»

“Things are bound to be alright, one way or another”, assures the manager of the restaurant services, Johanna Rintapää. A bit over forty-year-old Johanna originates from Kauhava. She has lived in the Jämsä region for over twenty years, first in … Read more

Kurkocup in Jukola’s training terrain 8.9.2012»

The zest of the central Finnish orienteers on autumn nights – Kurkocup – gets started this year on September 19th in Heräkulma, Jämsä. The competition offers a wonderful opportunity to catch the athmosphere of the night legs in Jämsä-Jukola next … Read more

Competition Office 10.8.2012»

The massive work for the Secretary General started, and the competition office is now open. Ville Sabel, the Secretary General of the 2013 Jukola Relay, Jämsä-Jukola, began to work fulltime at the beginning of August. The Jukola office was opened … Read more




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