An Enchanting Experience – Absolutely Fabulous Kuopio-Jukola in 2014

Many people, who are organizing Kuopio-Jukola in 2014, are working in many committees in Jämsä-Jukola.

The competition manager of Kuopio-Jukola, Jouko Kaihua

–– By working we learn the best to know what to avoid and what we could do even better, says competition manager of Kuopio-Jukola, Jouko Kaihua. Kaihua thanks Jämsä-Jukola anyway. – Mostly everything has worked well here. Kaihua has experience of many Jukola relays.

–– After Venlas have arrived in the finish area, the situation shoud be solved somehow, but how? wonders Kaihua. There are more than ten persons who have hunger after the relay and the queues to the restaurant are really long.

In Kuopio-Jukola section you can find Jukola flyer of the next year translated into four languages. There are also other brochures about Kuopio. – We have also model maps of training terrains but you can also order them on the internet.

When it comes to the volunteers, the situation is good in Kuopio-Jukola. They have 600 volunteers but they need still about one thousand more, says Kaihua. The objective of the amount of the orienteerers has been increased during the spring. It’s 16000 orienteerers: one thousand more. Kaihua thinks that the biggest increase will be in the amount of the orienteerers, who come from Russia, and in the amount of the ones who are recreational orienteerers. – The amount of participants in Jukola relay is on maximum. 20% of the people is orienteerers, other 80% are everybody else, for instance volunteers etc.

–– The maps, the routes and the plans are ready so we are ready, we only need to carry everything out. We have also one weakness: we aren’t perfect, we lack the weaknesses, says Jouko Kaihua smiling.

Kaihua promises that the beauty of Kuopio-Jukola will be broadcasted and people who can’t be there, can watch the relay on television. The slogan ”An Enchanting Experience – Absolutely Fabulous” of Kuopio-Jukola guarantees it.

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