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Jämsä – Story of Your Life

Jämsä is a lifeful and developing town located in the central Finland, between Tampere and Jyväskylä, beside the lake Päijänne. In Jämsä, one can live near nature and choose between wide variety of hobbies. Jämsä area provides also good changes to work or study.

Jämsä has approximately 22 300 inhabitants. It covers a large area, 1824 square kilometers. (Helsinki 765 One seventh of the area is inland water.

Jämsä is known of Lake Päijänne, Himos skiing center and its beautiful surrounding as well as paper and aviation industry, genuine felt boots and the Jämsän Äijä, an “old codger”. He was a happy traveller from Jämsä and a salesman. He was famous of telling bigger and smaller stories and tales which form a whole story of the past, present and future of the regional area of Jämsä.

Himos is one of the most popular Finnish tourist destinations, and it is firmly committed to developing the tourist services for both today and the future. Himos Holiday Resort is an all-year-round destination. After the busy winter season, the interest turns towards the various summer events at Himos.

During summertime, the region of Jämsä provides a lot of events at Himos and the middle of town as well as villages around the municipality of Jämsä. Rock-, pop-,and dance festivals at Himos are widely known. The are also a swimming center, two ice halls, culture, art galleries, summer theatre, good restaurants and interesting shops of Jämsä`s handicraft.

Welcome to experience the story of your life in Jämsä!




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