Jukola store

Opening hours:

-Friday June 14th 12-22

-Saturday June 15th 9-24

-Sunday June 16th 0-15

Jukola store will sell the official Jukola event products. For example postcards with Jukola’s own stamps and postmarks are for sale.

In our selection there are also T-shirts, caps, scarves, pins and Jukola stickers. The desing of the product selection is on it’s way. You can also find local felt products and Jämsän Äijäs in the spirit of Jukola.

The operator of Jukola store is Tiina Mäki, tel. +358407750400, email tiina@huopaajalankaa.net


The Jukola store needs more volunteers! Please contact Tiina if you want to spend the Jukola weekend with competition products.




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