Orienteering vocabulary

Would you like to enter the secrets of orienteering, but having trouble understanding the terminology? Orienteers often say words that a lay man doesn’t necessarily get at first.

You’ll get started with this short orienteering vocabulary. As you will find out, a control buck is not a goat galloping back and forth and Kotel is not a runaway location for someone with heartache..

Control buck

A ”stand” made of wood in the control point, on which the Emit stamp is attached.

Control definition

A graphic explanation, which tells the exact location of the control flag more specifiaclly than just the map. For example a rock, height two metres, east side.

Control point

The specific place of terrain where the control is located, for example a rok or a cliff.


An electronic punching system. When reaching the control orienteers place their own Emit competition card to the control’s Emit stamp.The control code and time are registered in the competition card. After the competition the data on the card will be transferred in the result service system.

Fodder stand

A winter feeding shead to game. When labelled in map can also function as a control point.

Forbidden area

The areas left outside the orienteering area by the organiser and the forbidden areas according to the sport law of orienteering,like lots and cultivated fields.

Forest church

An orienteering spiritual quiet place. Usually built in the neighbourhood of the Jukola Relay competition centre.

Forking method

A method used by the track manager, with which competitors can be separated to the controls in different orders. Regardless the forking, competitors, or teams in a relay will orienteer exactly the same control gaps.




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