The team of the city of Jämsä participates in Jukola with two Jussis

The team of the city of Jämsä takes part in Jukola with confidence. The idea to take part in the competition came from the competition manager Jaakko Lajunen. The Jämsän Retki-Veikot club wanted to give the city the chance to gather a team and experience the amazing Jukola night.

The initial idea was to gather the team of seven Jussis. In the end the team has two of them. – At the beginning the chance was given to the personnel and persons elected to a position of trust.

of the city of Jämsä. In the end, also spouses of personnel were included, tells Katja Pohjoismäki, the leader of the team. That is how the team was gathered in which runs at least one first-timer, but also experienced Jukola goers.

The team’s number is 1444. – Finishing within the first 1000 teams is a tough goal. My personal goal is to make it through my leg and finish in less than two and a half hours, the runner of the first leg Jussi Lehtimäki tells. The runner of the last leg, Juha Nokelainen, has moderate goals. – A long leg is ahead so you have to take it easy so as not have too many extra kilometers.

In addition to orienteering, the members of the city team also take part in the event as volunteers. – We have worked for the whole week and the work continues right after my leg, the runner of the 4th leg Erkki Mäntylä tells. However, it is nice to be a part of it since, with the words of Lehtimäki, it is a ”world class sport event”.

Earlier during the day, the women’s team of the city of Jämsä ran for the first time in the Venla relay. The goal was to do better than the team’s number, which was 1178. In this the team succeeded well finishing 1001th.

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