Great moments of Louna-Jukola


Louna-Jukola was a great orienteering festival for the athletes, spectators and volunteers both at the arena as at home. With this compilation video we want to share the fascinating moments of Louna-Jukola and to say goodbye and thank you all. … Read more

Louna-Jukola video compilation out by the weekend


Even though it’s been more than a week from Louna-Jukola, it’s still worth waiting just a moment before turning eyes on next year’s Lappee-Jukola. Namely, a Jukola video compilation will be published during this week. There’s a reason why this … Read more

International TV broadcast now visible


The international, English web TV broadcast from Louna-Jukola is now visible without a fee. There are separate broadcasts from Venla and Jukola relay. The broadcast was implemented for the first time ever in Jukola. It was pretty successful, but the … Read more

Louna-Jukola happily behind


With Louna-Jukola behind us, it’s good to look back after getting rid of sleep debts. Where did we succeed, where did we possibly not succeed? Tell us through the feedback form. Most valuable lost and found items are taken to … Read more

Distribution of Jukola relay’s prizes and transfer of Jukola flag


The 25 best teams of Jukola relay were awarded on the Festival Stage. In addition to the Jukola-medals, the best teams got headlamps, sets of sport underwear and video cameras. The winner of Louna-Jukola 2015 was Norvegian team Kristiansand OK. … Read more

Norwegian’s win the Jukola-relay


The victory of the Jukola-relay went this year to the Norwegian Kristiansand OK. There was no race for victory at the finish line, the team’s anchor Daniel Hubmann was allowed to cross the finish line at his own pace. The … Read more

The Jukola Relay Message


One way of measuring the level of development of a society is to observe how good care it takes of the disabled people living there. Finnish Sports Association for Persons with Disabilities (VAU) seeks to promote sports and physical activities … Read more

At the Wailing Wall is cleared what went wrong


After the orienteering leg, the leg time is checked at the Emit card check-up. At the same time it is seen, if the orienteer has punched at all control points. If there are problems in the punching, the orienteer is … Read more

The map is an almost sacred memorabilia to an orienteer


The competition map is usually the most valued memorabilia from a competition for an orienteer. Even for those, who’ll receive a medal or trophy for their success. Typically in orienteering competitions the maps are only returned after the competition is … Read more

Twisted ankles and contusions tie-up most


Contemporaneously with the start of the Jukola relay at 11 pm, started also the busiest time in the first aid. – From now on we have steadily a busy time until the end of the competition, doctor Jaakko Kivisaari tells. … Read more

Jukola-night’s crème de la crème


OK Kerma, a team that is heading into the Jukola night has a high-level team together. The team includes many current Finnish national team’s orienteers and among others a youth world champion. With such composition you’d be expected to compete … Read more

Newsflow is rolling day and night


The newsroom of Jukola works hard 24 hours a day during the competition weekend. One part of the team participated in the content production of the site of Louna-Jukola during winter and spring. Editor-in-chief Hanna Tähkävuori, who is in the … Read more

“Little forking and lot of running”


The first orienteers of Jukola relay arrived to the changeover area in one hour and twenty minutes. About twenty minutes later a little bit more than two hundred orienteers have finished their leg. – Quite a nice course. A lot … Read more

The same liquorice eaten at Jukola ever since 1985


The liquorice made by the Kokkola-based Karkkipiste have been eaten in all Jukolas ever since 1985. There’s more sour strawberry and sour apple sold at Jukola than in other events. In other events the top sellers out of the sixteen … Read more

The darkening forest called on the Jukola brothers


A June-evening was only reaching dusk, as the rounds of a heavy machine gun of a tank sent the Jukola-relay’s teams on their way. The whole population of the Jukola village had gathered around the marked route, guiding the competitors … Read more

In the team 3generations, the age difference between the youngest and the eldest orienteer is 68 years


  “… Ja nyt läksi joukko sekä nuoria että vanhoja, naisia niinkuin miehiäkin, jahtivoudin johtamana, pitkänä rivinä urkkimaan ympäri metsää…” Aleksis Kivi: Seven Brothers 83 years old Antero Pyökäri, his two daughters, his son-in-law and his daughter’s son Eetu participate … Read more

The patron of Louna-Jukola Reijo Karhinen is impressed by the atmosphere in Jukola relay


The patron of Louna-Jukola is the general director of OP Group Reijo Karhinen. He is a first-timer in Jukola relay, and he does not hide his amazement and enthusiasm. – Especially in these days, when we can see so much … Read more

The best of Venla-relay were rewarded in the Jukola-ceremony


The Jukola-ceremony was held in Saturday-evening’s cool air. The ceremony included the price ceremony of the Venla-relay. The ceremony was opened by the Jukola-patron, OP Group’s CEO Reijo Karhinen. In the price ceremony the 20 best of the Venla-relay were … Read more

“Jukola relay was founded in our kitchen”


One of the over 1,700 volunteers in Louna-Jukola has her own special bond to the Jukola relay. This volunteer is Riitta Marsala, who is working in the cafe during the event and whose father was one of the founding members … Read more

Venla course setter Jyrki Kajavalta is pleased


Planning the Venla relay course has been a nice challenge for the Venla relay course planner Jyrki Kajavalta. He has worked before as the course master for the FinnSpring event twice for example, but Jukola is quite the unique experience. … Read more

Venla-relay’s winners’ comments – Domnarvets and Pohjantähti


Soon after the Venla relay was finished for the top teams, an interview was held in the media centre of Louna-Jukola. In this interview the competitors of the winning team Domnarvets GoIF and those of the best Finnish team, SK … Read more

Triple victory for Sweden in Venla relay


Sweden won the first three places of the Venla relay. The winner was Domnarvets GoIF, Alfta-Ösa OK came in second and Järla made it to the third place. The best Finnish team was SK Pohjantähti at fourth place. Domnarvets GoIF … Read more

Photographer Minna Määttänen follows Ankkuri team


In Jukola relay, there are 98 accredited photographers working for newspapers or other media. One of the professional photographers is Minna Määttänen from Salon Seudun Sanomat. Her task is to photograph the Venla relay from the start to the finish. … Read more

Jukola’s adventure area is a nice place for all ages


Jukola has lots of fun activities to do for the little ones in between watching the exciting competition. Older ones are also welcome! The volunteers of the Guides and Scouts of Southwest Finland created an impressive action and adventure area … Read more

In total 1386 Venlas shot out after the starting pistol has been fired


In total 1386 Venlas shot out after the starting pistol has been fired at 2 pm. With the smallest competition numbers started to the terrain the first teams of Kalevan Rasti, IFK Lidingö SOK and Södertälje Nykvarn Orientering from the … Read more

Mayor of Paimio excited about the great atmosphere in Jukola


The mayor of Paimio Jari Jussimäki is grinning with satisfaction in the middle of the growing mass of people. The first truly warm day happened at the right moment, at the opening ceremony of Louna-Jukola. – The atmosphere could not … Read more

Event Manager feels confident about the competition


(suomi) Tänään on palkkapäivä seitsemän vuoden tehdystä työstä Read more

Putting up maps on the stands


On Saturday at 10 a.m. 40 volunteers started putting up the Jukola relay maps on the map stands. The maps were brought to the competition area on Friday night. – After putting up the bags we will secure them with … Read more

Online serves Jukola followers better than ever


The Jukola Relay and orienteering in general have been forerunners in using online results services. Online results have been updated online for over a decade. Like the saying goes: don’t fix what’s not broken. That is why the only major … Read more

Finland’s largest outdoor screen in Louna-Jukola


Next to the starting area there is a 60m² outdoor screen, which is so far the largest screen in Jukola history. Indoors there have been screens of this size in use before. In addition to this one, there are two … Read more

Jukola’s saunas ready for the competitors


(suomi) Saunamaksu sisältää myös pefletin Read more

A light in the night


One of the three last controls of Louna-Jukola is a so called “special feature”, a black X on the map. In this case, the special feature could be described as a “light house”. This light house is a three-meter tall … Read more

Course setters’ hard work culminates this weekend


Louna-Jukola course setters have been working for years for this one weekend. This background work and all the preparation are vital for a successful competition week. However, the course setters have been keeping themselves busy even during the last remaining … Read more

Will Halden close the circle in Paimio?


One of the favourites in both Venla and Jukola relays, Halden SK, is has quite a success in the big relays. It has taken four Venla wins: three years ago in Vantaa and three times in the 1980’s and 1990’s. … Read more

Instructions to drivers dropping passengers


If you’re dropping passengers coming to Jukola but you’re not staying longer with your car: Follow the signposting to parking just like you were going to park normally. When you arrive at the parking area, let the officials know that … Read more

Kalevan Rasti knows how to win Jukola


Having claimed three Jukola relay victories in a row, Kalevan Rasti has a chance to become the lone number one in the statistics of consecutive wins on Sunday morning. At the moment, Tampereen Pyrintö shares the first place with its … Read more

All functions were tested in “dress rehearsal”


One unavoidable part of Jukola is the “dress rehearsal”, that took place in Louna-Jukola competition center on Wednesday evening. An estimated 500 volunteers from different functions familiarized themselves with their own tasks, mostly guided but also independently. The most visible … Read more

23 years of Swedish dry season


June 14th, 1992, early morning, Ravijoki village in Virolahti. Johan Ivarsson has just anchored the Huskvarna-based IK Hakarpspojkarna to victory in Vehka-Jukola, after having left Reijo Mattinen of Rajamäen Rykmentti behind on the last controls. On Sunday morning, it’ll be … Read more

Will there be a challenger to Kalevan Rasti?


The fight for the Jukola relay victory seems very exciting beforehand. At least the favorites are not as outstanding as in many previous years, partly due to “levelling” factors. But in whatever way one turns and analyzes the issue, Kalevan … Read more

Slight Venla favorites come from Sweden


The fight for victory in the Venla relay on Saturday afternoon might become very tough, and no clear pre-race favorites are easy to name like in previous years. If one however were to bet on someone, it would be some … Read more

The Jukola message is born at Christmas


In a way, the Jukola Relay culminates in its message. The message is a greeting related to a cause regarded important and dedicated to some current organization or society. The message, figuratively carried by the competitors of Jukola with them … Read more

The coupon for team-specific material sent to all clubs


An e-mail letter containing important information and the coupon needed to collect the team-specific material has been sent on Friday evening to the contact persons of all clubs participating in Louna-Jukola. If you, as the contact person, have not received … Read more

20 000 sausages and other food supplies for Louna-Jukola


In the competition center of Louna-Jukola there are busy preparations of dining areas for competitors and the guests. There will be built a 40-metre-long dining tent, which has 18 serving lines. The Restaurant Manager of Louna-Jukola, Mikko Mannonen, tells that … Read more

Tents rose in the competition center


Erection of sales and event tents in the competition center began on Thursday. On the first day there were more than a hundred avid volunteers to help. Luckily the weather was now on the organizer’s side, as there were heavy … Read more

GPS teams and rental tents


Some more pieces of information have been added to Louna-Jukola webpages. Teams selected for GPS tracking Even really good teams were unfortunately left out of tracking. However, teams are added to tracking according to the development of the competition, so … Read more

We are 18,104!


As registering for Louna-Jukola at higher fee ended at midnight, we can now confirm the final number of participants: a whopping 18,104 competitors altogether in Venla and Jukola relays. The number of registered teams is 3,191, of which 1,411 in … Read more

All waste from Louna-Jukola is treated ecologically


When tens of thousands of people gather on the same area, formation of waste cannot be avoided. Waste management, however, can be affected. Like in previous years, recycling is strongly present also in Louna-Jukola. – We have three large recycle … Read more

More competition information published


Along with competition instructions published last week, other information about Louna-Jukola is now visible: Instructions for arrival and bus timetable How to operate in Louna-Jukola instructions Special instructions and map for start procedure Maps over competition center area List of … Read more

Louna-Jukola looms behind many permits


When tens of thousands of people gather in the same area, the organizer needs to deal with not only functionality but also safety issues. That is why the organizers of Louna-Jukola have to go through a dense jungle of permits … Read more

Competition instructions out now


Louna-Jukola is already close enough for the competition instructions to be published. The instructions can be seen here. We picked a couple of things worthy of noting from the instructions: The running orders for both relays must be registered by … Read more

The competition center takes its shape bit by bit


It’s still pretty empty in the competition center area of Louna-Jukola, but gradually different structures are starting to rise, thus altering the area into a bit more “Jukola-like”. One of the central structures, the over-40-meter-long temporary bridge, was erected last … Read more

1993 – Swedes prohibited from competing and the first Jukola sauna


In a month, the Jukola Relay is organized in Paimio for the third time in the competition’s history. The second one of these Jukolas was competed in 1993. Back in the day – 22 years ago – the competition was … Read more

Follow Louna-Jukola via web TV!


As a fulfilment for many requests, the Jukola Relay can now be followed live via an international web TV broadcast. This service will be implemented by Louna-Jukola organizers and the Finnish Orienteering Federation. Both relays will be covered in live … Read more

The IT crowd keeps machines and fibers in order


(suomi) ”Ehkä ammattimaisimmat IT-osaajat Jukolassa ikinä.” Read more

Number of Jukola participants to a new thousand


(suomi) Louna-Jukolasta tulossa selkeästi kaikkien aikojen suurin Jukola. Read more

One week left to register to Louna-Jukola!


Today, you have exactly one week left to register to Louna-Jukola at normal fee. To be accurate, the deadline is next Wednesday, May 13th, at 11:59 p.m., i.e. practically at midnight. So if you’re planning to participate but still haven’t … Read more

Voluntary work at its best


With International Workers’ Day (i.e. May Day) at hand, the last one and a half months to Louna-Jukola has begun. And indeed, diligent voluntary work is under way in different sections of the organization of Louna-Jukola. The most important task … Read more

Encasing of the maps is getting close to finish


The competition maps that will be used for Louna-Jukola are well on their way to be encased. The arduous work has been ongoing in a warehouse in Turku. It was begun after Easter and ought to be completed by the … Read more

1972 – Victory to the neighbour and the “glowworm” led by the skiing legend


Looming less than 50 days from now, Louna-Jukola will make it a kind of a triple, since it will be the third Jukola Relay in history held in Paimio. 1972, 1993 and now 2015 – it’s been just over two … Read more

Louna-Jukola is built out of a vast pile of wood


The info tent, shop, restaurant and saunas. These are examples of Jukola constructions that need a lot of wood and an innumerable amount of working hours by volunteers. At the moment, three semi-trailer loads of wood dwell in a warehouse … Read more

Committees’ work intensifies towards summer


Soon it’ll be only two months to Jukola – first competitions of the spring have been run and competitors are beginning their preparations for Louna-Jukola. Likewise, the organizers continue their active work towards the objective of organizing the best Jukola … Read more

Multiprint produces Louna-Jukola’s ”most important tools”


One of the partners of Louna-Jukola is Multiprint Ltd., a printing and archiving services company originating from Turku. Its HQ still located in Turku, Multiprint has already 30 offices in 15 Finnish cities. Sales and Marketing Director Marita Björkbom-Ristimäki laughs … Read more

Competition maps ready to be printed


The competition maps of Louna-Jukola have now passed the first phase of the printing process, test print. Printing on the whole plays an important role in producing a high-class map product for orienteers. Test print required a whole lot of … Read more

International web TV broadcast from Louna-Jukola


During previous years there have been many requests for an English TV broadcast that would be available outside Finland. Now these wishes will be fulfilled, as Louna-Jukola organizers and the Finnish Orienteering Federation have decided to implement a web TV … Read more

Louna-Jukola going for a record


The first registration period to Louna-Jukola ended yesterday at midnight. At the moment, it looks like Louna-Jukola will break all previous records in terms of the number of teams. Instead of cautiously achievable, the organizers’ goal of at least 17,000 … Read more

The map of Louna-Jukola is generated in experienced hands


Notwithstanding all associated program and services, the most essential thing in Jukola relay is the map. It’s an undisputed requisite for any action to be called orienteering. At Louna-Jukola, this issue could not be in better hands, as the person … Read more

The first registration threshold is approaching


Today, you have exactly one week left to participate in Louna-Jukola with the lowest fee, as the first registration period ends on Wednesday, February 4th. The same login name and PIN code are used to log in to the electronic … Read more

“Orienteering day is the week’s nicest day”


Louna-Jukola is coming closer – mere 150 days to go! That is also just an appropriate time for a self-challenging fitness orienteer to tune her or his physical and orienteering-technical capacity to the optimum. Now we shall get acquainted with … Read more

The Jukola Relay course planner chases perfection


– The task of being the course planner in the Jukola Relay is something you just cannot refuse. It’s a task of honor, offered only once and only to few. So says Jukka Oksa, the course planner of the Jukola … Read more

Some picks of the invitation


Many have certainly read through very carefully the event invitation published in the beginning of December. To summarize and refresh your memory, we decided to list some points worth noticing – both new and familiar. The event centre is located … Read more

Courses await Venla orienteers


The course setter of Venla Relay, Jyrki Kajavalta, remembers exactly where and when he received the request to be in charge of Venla courses at Louna-Jukola. – It was on January 27th, 2013, at approximately 6:17 p.m., in vice event … Read more

Louna-Jukola has opened for entries!


The opening of the enrolment system is a significant moment for Louna-Jukola, as our ambitious goal is to organize the biggest Jukola of all time. We firmly believe in crossing the threshold of 17,000 orienteers for the first time. The … Read more

Entry opens on Friday, December 5th


Louna-Jukola takes a concrete step closer on Friday the 5th, as the enrolment system for Jukola and Venla Relays will be opened at noon. Likewise, the invitation will also be published on Friday. In a traditional way, the invitation includes … Read more

IFK Lidingö on a visit to Louna-Jukola trainings


As the new training season has already begun, also Louna-Jukola is getting more and more attention in the minds of the many. After finishing second at Kuopio-Jukola, IFK Lidingö is going for the win next summer. As a kick-off for … Read more

Cooperation between The Army and Louna-Jukola 2015 established


The Finnish Army and Louna-Jukola 2015 signed a cooperation agreement on October 29, 2014 concerning the Jukola Relay to be organized in Paimio next summer. The agreement was signed by Lieutenant General Seppo Toivonen, the Commander of the Finnish Army, … Read more

Louna-Jukola terrain through the eyes of a geologist


If one asks a competitive orienteer to describe the terrains in Paimio region, the most likely answer will contain at least two terms: ”detailed” and ”bare rock”. But what do we find if we scratch the rocks of Louna-Jukola terrain … Read more

Searching for orienteering skills in Intersport Jukola schools


83 participants altogether, with different starting levels, delved into the sport of orienteering in the four groups of Intersport Jukola schools. The final goal of these schools organized during autumn was next summer’s Louna-Jukola, even though aiming particularly at Jukola … Read more

Trimtex clothes Louna-Jukola volunteers


Trimtex Finland Ltd. and the organization of Louna-Jukola have made a year-long cooperation contract. Trimtex delivers clothing for Louna-Jukola volunteers and a part of Jukola products sold in Jukola store. The outfit is produced out of the same high-quality materials … Read more

Old maps of competition area exposed


Old maps of Louna-Jukola competition area are now on view. Behind the link you can find the newest maps covering the whole competition area and, as a “bonus”, the first leg map and course from Jukola Relay 1972 that took … Read more

Louna-Jukola Kick-Off Weekend – Turku Sprint and Pre-Jukola 2.-3.8.2014


Kuopio-Jukola is now behind us and the Jukola flag has been handed over to Louna-Jukola. Next event on the path to Louna-Jukola will be Kick-Off Weekend in Turku region in the beginning of August. On Saturday, August 2nd, Turku Sprint … Read more

Louna-Jukola present at Kuopio-Jukola!


Traditionally, hosts of the following year’s Jukola are in attendance at previous year’s event to present themselves and to get experience for their own turn of organizing. This also applies to this year: the organizers of Louna-Jukola have an extensive … Read more

Louna-Jukola organizing at a good stage


As the Kuopio-Jukola event is only a few days away, it’s a good time to update on how preparations are going with the Louna-Jukola arrangements. Soon it will be exactly one year to the summer night adventure of Louna-Jukola, and … Read more

Jukola Relay 2015 is called Louna-Jukola


Jukola Relay 2015, organized by Turun Suunnistajien and Paimion Rasti, is called Louna-Jukola.  13th and 14th of June in 2015 thousands of orienteers come to Paimio, a small city close to Turku. Competition area will be near Paimio city center, … Read more