Field Accommodation and Wind Shelter Places

The traditional way of accommodation in Jukola takes place in tents in the immediate vicinity of the competition centre. Tent places, rental tents and wind shelter places have to be booked through the electronic enrolment system by May 13th, 2015. Finnish clubs / teams looking for a rental tent are asked to contact the Jukola office: The payment is done together with the entry / reservation via online payment. Fees can be found in the event invitation.

1. Tent places

Tent places

Tent places on map

The tent places are located in a sparse, park-like forest, and they measure 10 m x 10 m. These places are located no more than 1500 meters from the competition centre. In the enrolment system, the place(s) cannot be selected until the payment for it/them is done. The ground is better and smoother on areas C, D and E than on areas A and B.

Kuva_alueelta_C2 Kuva_alueelta_C1

Kuva_alueelta_E10 Kuva-alueelta_B6

2. Rental tents

Rental tents

The organizers will erect 325 unheated, rental tents in the vicinity of the competition centre. Each tent has room for 16 people. 200 of these tents are meant primarily for foreign teams and 125 for Finnish teams. Finnish clubs / teams looking for a rental tent are asked to contact the Jukola office: If some of the tents are available (non-booked) after May 13th, 2015, they will be released to be booked by Finnish teams.

For safety reasons, it’s forbidden to stay inside rental tents during thunder and lightning!

3. Wind shelter places

Wind shelter places

Clubs and associations have an opportunity to book a place for a wind shelter near the changeover/finish area. Teams with the best rankings in Kuopio-Jukola 2014 have the first priority to the first row. Clubs and associations making an entry for at least eight teams (Jukola & Venla totaled) will have the right to book two wind shelter places. In addition, there are 30 wind shelter places with a canopy measuring 3 m x 6 m erected by the organizers. The places will be given out after May 13th, 2015, primarily in booking order. Accommodation in the wind shelters is forbidden.

4. Campers and caravans

The parking area for campers and caravans will be located appr. 1,000 m from the competition centre. The number of places is limited, and they are given out in booking order. The places have to be booked and paid for through the electronic enrolment system by May 13th, 2015.

5. Floor accommodation

A limited number of sleeping places on school classroom floors will be available, located appr. 2,000 m from the competition centre.

Commercial Accommodation


Louna-Jukola Accommodation Offer in TOK’s Sokos Hotels from Fri 12th through Sun 14th of June

Original Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs

  • Single room €75/room/night
  • Double room €85/room/night

Original Sokos Hotel City Börs

  • Single room €70/room/night
  • Double room €80/room/night

Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone

  • Single room €65/room/night
  • Double room €75/room/night

Reservations: Sokos Hotels Turku Tel +358 (0)2 337 3800 Email:

  • Reservation ID: Louna-Jukola (must be mentioned when making a reservation)
  • Special offer prices are valid until May 29th



Conference Hotel Linnasmäki

Working seamlessly together, Turku Christian Institute and Conference Hotel Linnasmäki provide ideal and appropriate accommodation as well as multi-functional service in a pleasant environment. Single room €47/night, double room €66/night. The prices include a buffet breakfast, gym use as well as sauna and swim. There’s plenty of free parking space at the hotel.


The camp centre of the parish of Paimio Rantala.


Herrasmanni, Tarvasjoki tel. +358 2 484 7470


Varsinais-Suomen Kansanopisto/Kuninkaantien Kestikartano, in the centre of Paimio, tel. +358500 905686 or +358 50 913 4656. (fully booked over the Jukola weekend)


Koivukankare, Kuusiston Lomakeskus,,, tel. +358 40 719 9970


For private accommodation options, please contact via email: