Embargoed Area

Jukola 2015 @ Google Maps

Training prohibition

The participants of the Jukola and Venla Relays are prohibited to enter the area marked on the map before Louna-Jukola. The instructions to declare an forbidden area are found in the sport rules on.

Sport rule, paragraph 2.53

Union area or the organiser can forfbid or restrict moving in the area for a limited time period prior to the competition (so called competing and training prohibition, see 7.17).

Sport rule, paragraph 7.17

When a competition terrain (competition area) is announced, competing and training in the area becomes prohibited. The organiser may allow exceptions. The competition terrain (competition area) of championships are to be announced by the union instructions.

The area attached is declared a forbidden competition and training area until the 2015 Jukola Relay.


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