Live Services


Online Results

Online results are available during the whole relay.

Web TV

Web TV shows both relays with English speaker. A small fee is collected to cover up the expenses. Available all over the world. In case of issues you can contact

You may watch the broadcasts for free through the below links.
Venla relay:
Jukola relay:

Yle TV2

Sat 13:50–17:30 Venla Relay

Sat 22:45–00:00 Jukola Relay

Sun 00:00–7:30 Jukola Relay

Finnish speakers: Jussi Eskola & Janne Salmi

Swedish speakers: Leif Lampenius & Torsten Smedslund

Broadcasts via internet service (Yle Areena) is available only in Finland.

Yle Puhe

(Paimiossa 96,7 mHz)

Fri 12.6. 18:00

Sat & Sunday during the relays.

Finnish radio broadcast (speakers: Pertti Tapola & Seppo Väli-Klemelä), available in Finland only.

Competition center speakers

Competition center speakers are also available close to the competition center via FM radio 96,3 MHz.

Speakers: Mika Mannervesi, Salla Fagerudd, Mikko Reitti, Jarmo Puttonen, Kari Hirvensalo, Maria Rantala, Kari Ristanen

Twitter @JukolanViesti