General information

The Media Center is situated in the Competition Center and is open from Friday morning (June 12th) to Sunday afternoon (June 14th). Precise opening times are informed later.

The Media Center offers accredited media representatives working units and interesting possibilities for interviews. In the media info you will get your ID card, Photo vests (if you asked to have one) and other material needed. If you are photographing in Jukola please read also a separate instruction sheet for photographers.

Working units, possibilities for eating etc.

In the Media Center, there are 80 working units and a wireless WLAN connection available. Because there are plenty of journalists and photographers in Jukola please let others use the desk when you are not working there. There are some drinks and snacks served in the Media Center. You can also eat in a restaurant tent meant for volunteer workers (“Toimitsijaruokala”). You can have your meal free of charge by showing your ID card. Next to the Media Center, there are a few toilets reserved for media members.

Press conferences and other possibilities for interviewing

On Friday, June 12th, afternoon there will be a press conference in which favorite teams and course planners are available for interviews. More information about the press conference will be available closer to the event.

In the Media center, an international web TV will be broadcasted during both Venla and Jukola Relays. Because of the broadcast many athletes and trainers will be brought to the Media Center during the relays. After TV interviews other media representatives have also possibilities to ask their questions. The winner teams of both Venla and Jukola Relays will be present in the Media Center for interviews as soon as possible after the results are clear.

After each leg journalists will have a chance to interview runners after they have been through the emit check. Right next to the Media Center it is also possible to photograph the finish line.

After Jukola

We ask you to be kind and send us clippings of the newspaper articles you write for our archive. If you only publish online, please send us the links to the articles. You will get instructions how to do this later.

We hope you enjoy Louna-Jukola with us!


Contact information:

Media Info: Matleena Lindeqvist +358 40 758 3402

Media Center Chief: Antti Ryynänen +358 40 824 1841

Communication and Media Director: Janne Salmi +358 40 652 7490