The Jukola Relay Message

One way of measuring the level of development of a society is to observe how good care it takes of the disabled people living there.

Finnish Sports Association for Persons with Disabilities (VAU) seeks to promote sports and physical activities for people whose ability to participate in sports differs from that of the able-bodied persons. Just like any other sportsmen, persons with disabilities are pushed forward by their desire to move their body, do sports and achieve good results. Each and every individual walks through life according to his or her own ability.

In the novel “Seven Brothers” by Aleksis Kivi, the national author of Finland, one of the seven brothers of Jukola, Timo, points out: ”Who knoweth the plan of the world ? Not the child of man, who is as a bleating goat. But it´s best to take the day as it comes, let it go as it goes, whether it lead to weal or woe. We´re here and that´s all.”

VAU is willing to see the culture of sports in Finland become increasingly transparent and tolerant. We have been carrying this message all through the summer night along the craggy hillsides of Paimio to give it over to VAU to show our sincere support for all the work it does to develop sports and physical activities for people with disabilities.

Paimio, June 14th 2015

The orienteers of Jukola Relay


Photo: Heikki Silvennoinen

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