Greeting from the patron of the competition


I am glad that I was asked to be the patron of the Youth Jukola organized in Vehmaa, as supporting young people in sports, hiking and trekking, and the sceneries of my home region are all very dear things for me.
I’ve always moved a lot, as a child I ran every day in the woods of Masku. I have not orienteered since school and conscription but I’ve moved a lot in different kinds of terrains, among which the fells of Vuokatti and the Little Karhunkierros Trail in Kuusamo are the most memorable experiences.  Sense of direction, route planning and use of map, however, I have had most use in numerous tournament cities, which I’m trying to explore every time if only the match program allows it.

Orienteering is a great hobby that requires a lot from the athletes, both physically and mentally. The athletes must make the decisions on their own in terrain, just like on the tennis court and the mental edge is at least as important as the physical condition and the skills required in the sport. I wish the orienteers and organizers all the best in this orienteering event.

Jarkko Nieminen