Fri 17.8.2012            

4 pm                       Information office opens at accomodation

4 pm                       Distribution of competition material from information office begins

4:30 pm                       Model event maps from information. We appreciate orders in advance

5 pm         Model event (closes 11 am on Sat)

6 pm                        Accomodation is opened

6 pm                        Deadline for registration of team compositions in jukola.com

5 pm to 10 pm           Club tents can be erected in CC (marked plots)

10 pm                       Information office closes at accomodation

11 pm                           Doors are closed at accomodation


Sat 18.8.2012 Youth Jukola Vehmaa Sport Centre in Seurala

8 am                         Breakfast at accomodation (accomodation guests only)

8 am                         Information office opens at CC

8 am                         Distribution of competition material begins

9 am                         Cafe opens

10 am                        Restautant opens        

10 am                       Opening ceremonies and oath

10:20 am                  Demonstration of start, changeover and finish procedures

10:30 am                   Registration for first leg begins

11 am                      Start of the relay

2:08 pm                    Winner finishes

3 pm                       Changeover is closed

3:10 pm                     Restart

3:10 pm                     Maps are returned

3:20 pm                    The teams to be awarded gather

3:30 pm                  Prizefiving ceremonies

5:30                       Finish is closed