Greeting from Competition Director


The high point of the youth orienteering for summer is coming up. The competitors have done their last important training runs and then head out to Vehmaa. This years competition centre, located in idyllic sport centre of Vehmaa, is nice and compact. All the services are near. It is easy to follow the competition even without electronic devices as the public control is located practically in the middle of the CC, but the online-results and GPS-tracking complete the supply nicely.

The fast terrain comes with enough challenge as speed increases and one forgets to read the map. I have closely followed more than 10 Youth Jukolas and with that background, I can guarentee that the competition will be very ”traditional”. No nasty surprises are caused by the terrain or the map. That is, everything is up to your physical shape and orienteering skills.

Enjoy tha athmosphere of Youth Jukola and competition!

Welcome to Vehmaa

Asko Vainio