Course Setter’s statement


I have already couple of times written down my thoughts about course setting during the work and nothing essential has changed during summer. The courses were ready already in spring and the ready maps have been sealed for the competition already few weeks before the competition.

Cooperation with my course setter colleague Timo Kokko has run smoothly despite the geographic distance between us and his contribution particularly in finishing the map and its layout, composing the forking scheme and printing on the backside of the maps has been invaluable.

Den erfarna kartritaren Raimo Jalonen, Ilkka Saarimäki som avslutar sin 10-åriga karriären som kontrollant för Ungdomens Jukola i år, och banövervakare Jukka Suominen har gjort gott arbete och utgjort viktig stöd och hjälp i uppbyggandet av tävlingen. Jarkko Tenho med medhjälpare har gjort ödmjukt arbete med kontrollbockarna i skogen. Stort tack till dem!

The experienced mapper Raimo Jalonen, Ilkka Saarimäki who finishes his 10 year carreer as Controller for Youth Jukola this year, and Course Controller Jukka Suominen have made great work and been support and help in building up the competition. Jarkko Tenho and his crew have done gratuitous work with control structures in the forest. Big thank you for them!

The printed map is easy to read in competition scale. The return map is in size A3 and includes even the model event terrain. Because of the Oravatonni competition in autumn, the whole terrain is embargoed until the Oravatonni. 

The rainy and lately even warm weather has speed up the growth and caused small changes to map in finishing stage. The green has increased and the yellow has decreased. Effect on orienteering is though insignificant.

As I was Course Setter for Youth Jukola 1996 managed a 7-year old girl from Vehkalahti to finish 3rd leg with happy face. Even though this time, there is not similar jungle of paths, I am confident that I can send even the youngest competitiors to 3rd and 4th leg. Legs are fast and small route choice problems are offered.

On other legs, ability to change the pace according the terrain might come in handy when the terrain changes from very fast to more dense areas which require more precise orienteering. I believe that the competition is resolved on last two legs.

I hope that online-controls and VIP/public control’s placement in CC is a source for pleasant and exciting moments even for the supporting crew of the teams.

I wish all young orienteers good luck in orienteering!

Jarmo Jokila