Youth Jukola 2012 Training possibilities

We are offering several exercises for Youth Jukola, three in Mynämäki, one in Vehmaa and the model event in terrain adjacent to the competition terrain. The model event opens at 4 pm Friday 17 August and closes Saturday morning at 11.  

Maps, which cost 5€/piece, can be ordered from the competition secretary Petteri Suominen (, 041-5244169). When ordering maps, you are required to inform us when you are planning to train on each map. This is due to limited parking space and other activities in the terrain.

Exercises are planned by Jarmo Jokila who is also the Chief Course Setter for the competition.

Maps are surveyd by Raimo Jalonen who is also surveying the competition map.

Exercises 1-3 and Model Event consist of three different courses which are planned in accordance to required skill level in competition. Short courses 2-2.7 km, middle courses 3.5-4 km and long courses 4.5-5.3 km.

Exercise 4 is more demanding control picking exercise, called Swirling on Kallahill, with 26 controls on 6.1 km. The course can be shortened if needed.

Exercises 1-2 and 4 are located max 5 km from Mynämäki centrum. Exercise 3 is situated in Vehmaa, only 8 km from the competition centre. The Model Event is also located in Vehmaa, 5 km from the accomodation.

Driving instrcuctions to exercises will be given with the maps.

The maps are all resurveyd 2012/04 by Raimo Jalonen and are in scale 1:10000 with contour interval 2.5 m

1)      Youth Jukola exercise Anttila. (It was here MS Parma made final preparations in 2008 before winning Youth Jukola)

2)      Youth Jukola exercise Vesometsä

3)     Youth Jukola exercise Vahilainen

4)      Swirling on Kallahill 

5)      Model Event

Training is only allowed on maps sold by the organizers.

Hope your exercises will be succesful,

Jarmo Jokila

Chief Course Setter