Jarkko Nieminen -Lottery


Jarkko Nieminen wants to support the young athletes of the organizing club by donating prizes for a lottery.

The lottery is put in practice by the clubs young orienteers guided by Susanna Hänti.

The lottery works so that the lottery ticket buyer instantly gets to know whether or not he or she has won something. The lottery tickets are sold in the competition centre. They cost 5€ for a lot and 10 € for three lots.

Lottery tickets can be checked and possible prizes obtained from the lottery ticket selling stand.

The grand prize of the lottery is a tennis racket signed by Jarkko Nieminen. The grand prize will be drawn during the prize giving ceremonies among all the lottery ticket buyers. So remember to spare your otherwise non-winning tickets until this.

Other prizes include for instance 64 biographies, “Pelaamisen Lumo” of Jarkko Nieminen and high quality sporting equipment.

Almost every third lot wins (100 lots and 30 prizes). The total sum of the prizes is over 3000€.