The excitement of Lappee-Jukola race can be enjoyed all over the world via web-TV broadcast and online result service.

ONLINE result service (Venla)
ONLINE result service (Jukola)



The live streaming from Lappee-Jukola will spread the Jukola atmosphere all around the world. The aim is to reach the friends of orienteering from all continents as widely as possible. The main event of the orienteers and the battle between the best of the best always arouse interest and this year there will be some interesting guests too.

– The planning and ideation of the broadcast have already begun a few months ago, but the pace has just increased during the past weeks, the host Mikko Reitti tells. – The greatest thing is that there will be many well-known and highly experienced orienteers and some top names from others sports, too whit me hosting the broadcast. I am sure this will excite international interest, Reitti continues.

It will be a tough crunch as soon as things get going. The starting gun for the Venla relay goes off at 13.00 pm cet and the winners are expected to reach the finishing line at 16.00 cet. The start for Jukola relay is at 22.00 cet and the winning team is expected to cross the finishing line a bit before 6.00 cet. The live streaming of the Venla Relay will most probably be aired from 12.30 cet to 16.30 cet and of the Jukola Relay from 21.30 cet to 7.00 cet. The live streaming schedule will be confirmed during the Jukola week.

The broadcast is implemented through IOF LiveCenter. You may acquire your LiveCenter Pass from To see the broadcast, you should enter your LiveCenter Pass code at:

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Experienced team hosting the international broadcast


Mikko Reitti, an experienced speaker from many events. Mikko was one of the speakers in Louna-Jukola 2015. He also hosted the Skiing World Cup events at Ruka and Lahti last winter. Next winter you can hear him in action at Nordic World Ski Championships at Lahti 2017. Some may remember Mikko from Vuokatti World Championships where he hosted the opening and victory ceremonies.



Minna Kauppi, the nine-times winner of the World Orienteering Championships (16 World championchip medals in total), Venla Relay winner at Virkiä-Jukola 2007 with Asikkalan Raikas. The athlete of the year in Finland in 2010. Minna commentates the Jukola Relay during its darkest hours. She is at the studio on the second and third leg.

Lena Eliasson, the two-time Venla winner (Louna-Jukola 2015 and Sippu-Jukola 2011). She has won three World Championship medals and is still one of the toughest members of the Swedish national team. Lena is broadcasting with us when the Jukola Relay nears its end. She knows what it takes to win a big relay. She was running the last leg when they won in 2011. Now Lena will commentate the sixth and seventh leg.

Lena Eliasson (left) knows what it takes to win in Venla relay. (Image: Risto Raunio)

Lena Eliasson (left) knows what it takes to win in Venla relay. (Image: Risto Raunio)

Katja Mjösund, the two-time Venla winner (2000 Pärnävaara and 2001 Nikkari-Jukola) with Liedon Parma. Nowadays Katja is a familiar sight at the international competitions as she works as a doctor for the Finnish national team. She also does a good job for clean sports as a member of the Finnish antidoping committee and WADA. Katja joins us at the beginning of the Jukola Relay and possible in the last leg of Venla relay.

Annika Björk, the Tvåmila winner (2000 Domnarvets GoIF) and Junior World Champion medalist both in foot and ski orienteering. The member of the Swedish national team for several years. Nowadays she lives in Falun and works as a lawyer. Annika commentates the fourth and the fifth leg of the Jukola Relay.

Kaisa Mäkäräinen, the two-time biathlon World Cup Winner in 2010-2011 and 2013-2014 and World Champion in pursuit in 2011. The athlete of the year in Finland in 2011. In total, Kaisa has five World Champion medals on her bookshelf. Kaisa lives in Joensuu and for many years she has dreamt of participating in Jukola Relay. Now she joins us in the second leg of the Venla Relay. Perhaps she will participate in Jukola-Joensuu next year.