Welcome to train or have a training camp in terrains similar to the terrain of Youth Jukola 2017

We offer you two different training courses. The terrain is equivalent to the racing terrain for the Youth Jukola competitions. Requests for training maps or training package per e-mail to: Map price is 5 €.


Accommodation alternatives can be found here


Joonanmäki (1:7 500 / 2,5 m)

Courses: 4,2 km (quite demanding; changing of maps/double-sided map) and 2,2 km (easy)


A coniferous forest area nearby the swimming hall and the sports hall, full of paths of different sizes. Smaller difference in altitude than in the competition area.


Haikkoo (1:7 500 / 2,5 m)

Courses: 4,0 km (quite demanding) and 2,5 km (quite easy)


A spruce forest area full of paths of different sizes and a few smaller bare rocks. The difference in altitude is smaller than in the competition area and the sight is not as good. The forest is denser and the terrain is more difficult than in the competition area.


The trainings are situated not more than 5 km from the competition center in Kokon.


Please note that the competition map scale is 1:7500, the same scale is used in the training maps.