Time schedule

The Youth Jukola relay competition takes place on Saturday 22.8 at 11.30

9.8. Registration with normal entry fee ends at 24.00

16.8. Late registration with additional entry fee ends at 24.00

S c h e d u l e

Friday 21.8.2015

12.00 Road signs to the accommodation school are in place

16.00 Competition office and info opens at the accommodation school in Österby. The competition material can be picked up.

16.00 Accommodation opens.

16.00 Practice maps for sale in the Info:

There are practice courses in three areas near the accommodation, distance 0 – 5 km from the accommodation school.

The practice courses can be used at any time using pre-ordered maps

16.00 Road signs to the competition arena are in place. Club tents can be erected at pre-booked areas.

19.00 Pre-ordered evening meals can be picked up until 22.00

21.00 Final team compositions shall be registered using the electronic registration system or to the info.

22.00 Competition office and info close for the night

Saturday 22.8.2015

7.00 Breakfast is served for the ones accommodated at the school until 9.00

7.00 Road signs to the competition arena are in place.

8.00 Competition office and info opens at the competition arena. The competition material can be picked up.

8.00 Possibility to use a model orienteering course near the competition arena during the whole competition.

The course is intended for warm-up and for practicing the punching system.

9.30 Changes in team compositions must be registered at the info (only because of special reasons, TA accepts or rejects)

9.50 Registration to free runners’ bank closes, free runners’ teams are composed.

10.00 GPS-teams

10.15 gathering of teams participating in 30th anniversary march (following instructions from the speaker)

10.20 Gathering of free runner’s teams at the info

10.30 Closing of accommodation school (no more access to accommodation premises)

10.30 Opening ceremonies begin:

Raising of the flag, Finnish national anthem (Emilia Ekström) the opening of the competitions

Members of 2014 winning team read the athletes oath. Presentation of the 30th anniversary team

10.50 Demonstration of how to function at start, change-over and finish.



The anchor of the winning team reads the message of Youth Jukola and hands it over to the receiver

15.20 Normal relay change-over closes

15.30 Re-start for legs 2-7

15.30 Gathering of the teams taking part in the prize giving ceremony by the festival stage


The Youth Jukola flag is handed over to the organizers of the competition in 2016. Announcement by Rajamäen Rykmentti, next year’s organizing club.

16.00 Maps are returned from the info (against map return coupon)

18.00 The finish of the relay is closed

18.00 Competition office and info is closed




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