Thank you all! 4.10.2015»

Thank you all!

Lost property 23.8.2015»

Lost property found at Nuorten Jukola. If you recognize something you have lost, please contact

Route gadget 23.8.2015»

Please go in and add your own route to Route Gadget! You can find the Route Gadget link from the LIVE-page.  

(suomi) MS Parman oma uutinen Nuorten Jukolan voitosta 23.8.2015»

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish.

The Youth Jukola message 23.8.2015»

Youth Jukola message 2015

MS Parma winners! 22.8.2015»

The winning team, MS Parma reads the Youth Jukola message and hand it over to the director of Tvärminne Zoological station, Marko Reinikainen.

New pictures from the event 22.8.2015»

New photos are uploaded during the day to the album found from the “Images” page.  

MS Parma in the lead after 4 legs 22.8.2015»

Leading teams after 4 legs: 1 MS Parma, 2. Helsingin Suunnistajat, 3. OK Ravinen

OK Ravinen leading after the first leg 22.8.2015»

Leaders after the first leg: 1. OK Ravinen 30:38 2. Helsingin suunnistajat +53 3. Hämeenlinnan suunnistajat +1:47  

The competition has started 22.8.2015»

Pictures from the opening ceremony 22.8.2015»

LIVE results 21.8.2015»

You can follow the competion from the LIVE page: – Online results – GPS-tracking – Commentators through Youtube /en/live/  

Practicing the opening ceremony 21.8.2015»

(Click on the picture to see a larger view)

(suomi) Haastattelu kilpailijan kanssa 20.8.2015»

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

(suomi) Måren 6 tärppiä viestimenestykseen 20.8.2015»

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish and Swedish.

Pictures of the preparations for Youth Jukola 20.8.2015»

GPS Teams published 20.8.2015»

Check Competition Info -> GPS teams Note! There is important info for the GPS teams on the page!  

The construction of the arena was started on Monday 19.8.2015»

Construction work continues intensively all week, to ensure that everything is ready on competition day.

KooVee training in Raseborg 15.8.2015»

Sorry, this entry is only available in Finnish.

Late entries possible until su 16.8.2015 14.8.2015»

It is possible make late registrations until midnight su 16.8.2015. The price is 135€/team  

Flyer released 13.8.2015»

You can download a pdf-version of the flyer (only in Finnish and in Swedish) from Competition Info -> Flyer.  

Organizing teams last meeting before NJ2015 12.8.2015»

Organising commitees last meeting before NJ2015! Next week there is a lot of work with building the arena, bagging the maps etc.

List of club tent spaces released 12.8.2015»

Check where you should put your club tent from the page General Info ->Club Tents  

Please register your team until 9.8.2015 24.7.2015»

Register here  

Youth Jukola is soon here 10.7.2015»

Watch here

More training possibilities! 25.6.2015»

Come and train in model terrains for Youth Jukola in Raasepori. See more here.

The second registration round has opened 23.6.2015»

The second registration round has opened. Check the registration page.  

Nuorten Jukola 2015 Event Centre preparing for summer 31.3.2015»

Invitation published 18.3.2015»

Invitation published / site opened.  



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