Competion Instructions


The Youth Jukola Relay is an international orienteering relay race with seven legs. There are restrictions considering orienteers gender and age on different legs as indicated in the chapter “Legs and course lengths”. Only clubs which are unable to gather their own team are allowed to form a combined team. A combined team can also be formed of students representing schools of the same municipality or members of a youth organization. If an orienteering club member is participating in a school or youth team, he or she must have the clubs permission.


The age and gender requirements also concern combined teams, except that a girl may run the seventh leg. The organiser will also form combined teams from the individual competitors registered in the runner bank.


Competition rules

The competition rules of the Finnish Orienteering Federation (FOF), organization instruction of Youth Jukola and Instructions given by the organizers must be followed. The organiser of the competition is OK Raseborg in co-operation with the Finnish Orienteering Federation and the Jukola founding organization Kaukametsäläiset.


Main officers

Competition director:  Helena Kanste helena.kanste@jukola.com +358440582718

Competition secretary and infoChristina Lönnberg christina.lonnberg@jukola.com +358407504849

Information officerAndré Nylund andré.nylund@jukola.com +358407569733

Competitioncenter Mats Lundström mats.lundstrom@2me.fi +358405953338

Technical affairs Peter Sjöholm peter.sjoholm@n3m.fi +358443457253

Chief course planner Sune Forsström sunev.forsstrom@gmail.com +358405031918

Result service Niko-Petteri Salo niko@resultatsalo.fi +358405705572

Restaurant Catarina von Frenckell rina.frenckell@fagervik.fi +358405623289

First aid Micaela Stolpe micaela@2me.fi

Security manager Kaj Ranta kaj.ranta@2me.fi +358405343848

VIP Johanna von Frenckell johanna.vonfrenckell@helsinki.fi +358407033294

GPS-tracking Pekka Varis gpsseuranta@gmail.com +358445669742

SSL:s technical advisor (TA) Tommi Tervakangas tommi.tervakangas@gmail.com +358405447450

Competition controller Anders Nordell (KSF) anders.nordell@raseborg.fi +358443372255

Finishing Line Refree Mikaela Fiskars +3585006892

Chairman of the competion jury: Jeanette Aumo OK Trian jeanne.aumo@gmail.com +358407501491

Members of the jury: Venla Kinnala TuS and Severi Valkamo KooVee


Protector of the competition: Joni Stenström joni.stenstrom@gmail.com +358451306285



Location, addresses, road signs and parking

The competition center is located at “Västerby idrottscentrum” in Raseborg, at the address: Tenalavägen 100, 10620 Raseborg. Road signs to the competition centre start from the crossroad of Finnish national roads 25 and 52. If you arrive from Salo there will be road signs to the competition from road 52. The signs will be on site from 4 pm on Friday August 21, 2015. Camper vans and busses shall park on the same area. Parking is free of charge.


School accommodation, evening meals and breakfast

Accommodation at school is provided for the night between Friday and Saturday. Price for the accommodation on hard surface is 15€/person/night including breakfast. School accommodation and evening meal must be reserved during the registration process. The pre-booked evening meals are offered 7 pm to 10 pm on Friday evening. Breakfast on Saturday morning will be served from 6 am to 9 am. Accommodation is provided at Österby School, address: Österbyvägen 51, Ekenäs. Road signs to the accommodation will be on site from noon on Friday, August 21st, 2015. The distance from Österby School to the competition center is about 1,5 km. Other accommodation   options can be found at /en/yleista/majoitus/


Competition office /INFO

The competition material can be picked up by the teams from the INFO. The competition office will be located in Österby School (the same place as the accommodation) on Friday August 21th, 2015 from 4p.m. to 9p.m. And on Saturday, August 22nd from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. the competition office is situated at the competition center. Only the clubs that have fully paid all their entry fees will receive the team material. Unpaid fees can be paid at the Competition Office/INFO.


Team Material

The team material can be picked up by the teams from the INFO on Friday between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. at Österby School or on Saturday from the competition center INFO starting at 8 a.m. When the team material is handed over to the club representative his/her contact information will be collected. Only the clubs that have fully paid all their entry fees will receive the team material, which includes among others, number bibs without safety pins (own pins are used), bulletin, map return ticket, coach card, rented Emit-cards and Emit control slips. Please note, that the competition material does not include safety pins, own safety pins are used. The competitors may keep the number bibs after the competition. A representative of the club confirms the receipt of the rented Emit cards by signature. The organizer will charge 80€ for each non-returned Emit card.


There will be an INFO-post at the competition center.


Emit cards

Each team must have at least three (3) Emit cards in use. The same emit card must not be used  by two different teams. Emit cards can be rented from the race organizer for 4€/card. The required number of Emit cards shall be reserved during the registration process. The Emit card numbers are not needed in advance, they will be registered in the result system when the runners enter the start or changeover area.



Orienteering map 7/2015, scale 1:10 000, contour interval 2,5m, size A4. The maps are in plastic map cases. Old maps and description of the competition terrain can be found on the Youth Jukola 2015 website. The competition map is available in the changeover area.



The terrain in the Västerby area is a bare-rock terrain with good runnability and a lot of paths and skiing-tracks. The visibility is good and height difference is at maximum 30-40 meters.


Start, starting point and marked rout

The start of the relay is at the competition centre. The distance to the starting point from start is 250m.



Controls are marked with orange-white flags in the terrain. There will be a model control located at the competition centre, where you can test the function of your own Emit-card. There are a lot of controls near each other in the terrain, so make sure to check the control code. There are online controls on each leg.


Control descriptions

Pictorial control descriptions are printed on the competition map. If you use an Emit card with display, note that the Emit-code of the control unit may not correspond to the control code.


Legs and course legs

There are 500m of marked route in each leg. Forking is used on all legs except on the 5th leg.


Leg H/D Distance


Controls Est. time


Change over
1 H/D -16 4,9 13 28 11:59
2 H/D -16 4,9 13 28 12:28
3 D -14 2,4 8 15 12:45
4 H/D -14 2,4 8 13 13:00
5 D -16 3,5 11 24 13:25
6 D -18 4,6 14 33 14:00
7 H -18 6,0 14 34 14:35


Forbidden areas

There are no forbidden areas in the terrain.


Coaches on legs 3 and 4

Within the marked route to the starting point there is a place for coaches where they are allowed to help and advice runners on the 3rd and 4th leg with the route planning. In order to enter the area you need your coach card.


Competition numbers

The number bibs will be used on all legs. The bib must be attached on the chest of the shirt in a way that it is clearly visible. Take your own safety pins! The numbering of teams is based on the placing of the 2013 relay. However, team numbers marked with an asterisk (*) are not based on last year’s results. Combined teams are marked with the letter Y, also the teams with a girl running the last leg are marked with Y. Team and leg numbers and sponsor logos must not be folded up or hidden. The bar code has to remain undamaged until it has been read at competitors’ check-in and information is transferred to the result service system.



Electronic punching system (Emit) is used in the competition. Control slips will be delivered with the team material. Each competitor shall write the team number, leg and his/her Emit card number in the control slip. Each team must have at least three (3) Emit cards in use. The same Emit card must not be used on two consecutive legs and neither by two different teams.

If a competitor’s own Emit card does not work as he/she enters the changeover area, the organizers will lend a functioning card. Also, if a competitor starting in the mass start has his/her card still in use by an earlier leg’s runner, the competitor can borrow a card from the organizers.


Team composition

The team composition can be registered on the web page https://registration.jukola.com/?kieli=en&kisa=nj2015 or by filling in a form available at the Competition INFO. The team composition must be registered by 9 p.m. on the day before the competition. Changes in the team composition, caused by some unavoidable reason that occurs after the deadline has to be approved by TA.


Start list

The final start list can be found on the competition website on Thursday August 20th from 4 p.m. and on the result board at the competition board.



The relay will start at 11.30 am on Saturday August 16. The registration and clearing of the first leg runners’ Emit cards will start at 10.50 am and end at 11.20 am. After registration and clearing, the competitors shall move to the warm-up area. The competitors will go to the maps according to the instructions given by the announcer. The maps will be on the ground in front of the runners. Ensure that you have received a right map (club number equals with number on map). You can’t open the map before start! The start will be videotaped, and teams making a false start or causing one will be disqualified. There is a toilet in starting area.



From the last control, the competitors must run to the changeover according to signs and marked routes. Approximately 50m before the changeover the runners choose the correct lane based on the leg they are running. All runners must punch at the Finnish line. Each incoming runner hands over his/her map to the officials and then continues to the map stand along the marked route. The runner coming to the changeover picks up the map with his/her team’s number and hands it over to the next leg’s competitor waiting at the changeover bar. Make sure that you take your own team’s and right leg’s map! A team that has taken a wrong map will be disqualified. If your map has been taken by some other team, immediately turn to the changeover official who will give you a spare map (no time compensation will be granted).After the changeover, the runner shall visit the Emit checkpoint (‘Emit OUT’ tent), and then leave the finish area. If there are any unclarities with punches, the checkpoint officials will guide you to the wailing wall. The changeover area will be closed at 3.20 pm. After this, the runners coming to changeover will be guided straight to the Emit checkpoint as they have punched at the finish line.



There is a marked route to the finish from the last control. The finishing order will be determined according to the crossing of the finish line. If there are several teams on the finish line at the same time, the finishing order of places 1-40 will be decided by the Finishing Line Referee. The finish time will be determined according to the finishing punch made immediately after crossing the finish line. The finishing order of places 40-n will be decided according to finishing punch. Finally, the competitor shall visit the Emit checkpoint. Finish will be closed at 6 pm.


Demonstration of start, changeover and finishing routines

The demonstration will take place at 10.45 am by model runners and the speaker.


Restart for legs 2-7

Runners participating in the restart shall register and clear their Emit cards in ‘Emit IN’ tent and enter to the changeover area not later than 3.20 p.m. The changeover will be closed at 3.20 p.m. after which the changeover bar will be opened and all the runners participating in the restart can go to their own map. The restart takes place at 3.30 p.m. according to the instructions given by the speaker.



If there are any unclarities with punches, the Emit checkpoint officials will settle them with the competitor immediately. If necessary, the coach of the team will be consulted. Disqualifications are not confirmed before that.

Drop-out competitors come to changeover and finish as usual: take the map to the next leg competitor at the waiting bar. Drop-out shall be announced at the ‘Emit out’ tent. If the competitor comes to the competition centre without running through the finish or changeover (force major) he/she must visit the ‘Emit out’ tent to announce the drop-out and give his/her map to the staff.

Drop-out or disqualified competitors perform a normal changeover. Their teams can continue the relay to the finish. However, if a drop-out or disqualified team is less than a half an hour behind the leading team, its relay will be interrupted and the next runner can start when a half an hour has passed since the leading team’s changeover. The next map of the team will be replaced by a form indicating the number of the leg, the team number and the earliest possible time when the team can continue its relay. The incoming runner takes the form and brings it to the next runner waiting at the bar. The runner receiving the form will get a spare map from the staff by returning the form.


GPS follow-up

Legs 2, 5 and 7 have a GPS follow-up. The teams indicated by the organizers must carry the GPS device given by the staff. The wearing of the GPS-device and the west takes place in the ‘Emit IN’ tent. After finishing the runners shall give the GPS-device back to the staff at changeover/finishing “Emit OUT” tent. The runners on the 2nd leg may come to get their devices immediately after the start.

For the 2nd leg the GPS-devices are given to the 22 teams which will be indicated on the competition web-site and result board on the same week with the competition.

For the 5th land 7th legs can be taken more followed teams if required. The teams will be named on the result board and in “Emit IN” tent. The organizer has right to change the followed teams during the competition.


The competition online results and tracking can be followed from the screen at the competition centre. GPS-following is possible through the links on the competition web pages /en/live/.


Runner Bank

Registration to the Runner Bank can be made on the web page of the event using this link: https://registration.jukola.com/?kieli=en&kisa=nj2015 or by filling out a form from the Competition INFO. The form has to be returned to the Competition INFO no later than Saturday August 22nd at 9.50 a.m.  More information about the Runners bank can be found on the competition website.





Dressing, showers and toilets

Dressing rooms and showers are located at the sport centre. Toilets can be found from the competition centre and outdoor toilets at changeover area.


First aid

There is a first aid station with a doctor at the competition centre. See the location of the competition centre on the map. First aid station serves competitors on Saturday August 22nd between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Phone 040 5168506.


Prize-giving ceremonies

The 15 best club teams will be awarded with the Youth Jukola medals. The best seven teams will also receive special prizes. The winning team receives a trophy for one year and a scale model of it.

The 15 best teams will be asked to be seated back of the ceremony stage by 3.30 p.m. according to the instructions given by the organizer. The prize-giving ceremony will start at 3.40 pm on the ceremony stage. The teams to be awarded should follow the announcer! The awarded teams will be asked to enter the stage in reverse order according to the instructions of the announcer and the organizers. The Youth Jukola medals and special prizes are not given for combined teams.


Youth Jukola Trophy

Rules of the Youth Jukola trophy

1 Teams will compete for the Youth Jukola trophy donated by OP-Pohjola 7 years onwards from the year 2014

2 The trophy will be given for period of one year to the team winning the competition according to accepted final results. The winning team is obligated to keep the trophy properly, and to take care of the relevant engraving to the trophy as well as bringing the trophy to the following years competition. The club will be given a scale model of the trophy as a memory.

3 Trophy challenging points will be given from 2014 to 2020 for best 15 clubs by following:

A Winning team gets 25 points and the following positions 20–15–12–11–10–9–8–7–6–5–4–3–2–1 points.

B If there is two or more teams at the top 15 from the same club only one best team gets points. The unshared points will be given to the next best team.

C 3.    In 2020 the trophy will be finally given to the club that has reached highest total points from 2014 to 2020. If several clubs have achieved the same total points, the winner is club with most victories, and if this does not solve the winner, then it is a team with most second positions, after that third positions et cetera.


Returning of map and Route Gadget

The distribution of competition maps will start at the Competition Info after the price giving ceremony at approximately 4.00 p.m. Maps are returned in exchange for map return card that can be found in the club material. Each runner will get her/his own map and a team will receive one map with all the controls.

The Youth Jukola Route Gadget will be opened on Sunday after competition. All the runners are kindly requested to draw their route in the Route Gadget.



There will be shops at the competition center selling orienteering and sporting goods.



Warm food is served in the indoor arena. Food tickets (7€) can be purchased from the Competition INFO, located at the indoor arena. Food tickets can be played for by cash or card. At the competition centre outside of the arena you will find a Cafe, only cash is accepted at the Cafe.



There is a drinking water point at the competition centre. Washing of equipment is forbidden at the drinking water point.




Open fire, gas and petrol cooking equipment as well as smoking are absolutely forbidden in the competition centre.


Club tents (wind shelters for the teams)

Club tents can be placed only for pre-ordered tent places indicated by the officials. All the club tents will be located on grass. The map for the club tent area will be published on the web site and on the notice board.


Model Orienteering

Model orienteering is possible next to the Competition centre on Saturday. The model orienteering is open during the relay. The maps for the model orienteering can be found with the rest of the team material. The model orienteering controls are marked with orange-white flags and they have Emit-punching system. The track is suitable for training and warm-up.


For orienteering exercises the training terrains A, B and C can be used (located 0-5km distance from Österby School). There are either flags or plastic signs with code numbers on the controls. Maps can be purchased online using the information provided at the competition website or from the Competition INFO.


Lost and found belongings can be queried at the Competition Info


Cleanness and garbage

All garbage shall be put in the in the garbage containers available at competition centre. Garbage such as energy gel packages etc. shall not be left to the forest!


Competition instructions can be supplemented and defined if required. Final competitions instructions will be published at the Competition centre notice board and Competition web pages.


Good luck in the competition!





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