Supervisors statement

Supervisor’s statement (courses)

The terrain around Västerby sports centre is well suited for arranging Youth Jukola. To get more information about the terrain you can read the terrain description in the competition bulletin and look at the older maps over the area, which can be found from the competition website.

The map has been made by Arvo Paulin. It is an updated version of the map that was used in Finnish Night Orienteering Championships in 2009. The map is of high standard throughout the area. Observe that the contour interval on the map is 2.5m. The Frisbee golf course in the southern parts of the area is in heavy use, because of this there are small “paths” in the area that are not marked on the map. The Frisbee golf targets are neither marked on the map.

The expected times and the level of difficulty of the courses follows the same model as previous years. There are many easy readable terrain formations in the surroundings of the arena that makes the navigation easier for the youngest competitors. The tracks for the older competitors partly go into more demanding terrain.

The control points are close to each other in some areas, so remember to check the codes! Due to lack of space the control codes are this time only printed on the control descriptions and not by the control number on the map.

Wishing you enjoyable moments in the forests of Västerby!



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