Jukola Message 2017

“The morning was fine, and limpid and blue stretched the sky, while from surrounding forests the booming of the fresh northeast wind could be heard.”

The national author of Finland, Aleksis Kivi, wrote what is regarded as the first significant novel in Finnish. It cannot be understated how important the development of own language was for building Finnish national identity. The language used by Kivi in his novel “Seven Brothers” is Finnish at its most beautiful.

Finland’s national awareness was risen largely during the time period described by Kivi in his novel about the seven brothers. Here Kivi depicts how Eero, the witty youngest brother, is becoming aware of his Finnish identity:

”He knew well where lay the country, that dear corner of the earth, where the Finns dwelt in toil and struggle, and in whose bosom the bones of his fathers rested. He knew its frontiers, its seas, its secretly- smiling lakes and the pine-clad ridges that run like stake-fences throughout its breadth. The whole picture of the land of his birth, its friendly mother-face, had sunk for ever into the depths of his heart.”

We have had the chance to carry our message successfully all through the summer night, climbing the rocky hills of Harpatinvaara and running through the rugged forests by the river Pielisjoki.

With our message, we, all together, want to congratulate hundred-year-old independent Finland.


Eno, Joensuu 18 of June 2017

The orienteers of Jukola Relay