Friday  16th June

10:00   Competition Centre and info are opened
18:00   Running orders of teams must be submitted at the latest
22:00   Info is closed

Saturday 17th June
08:00   Info is opened
13:00   Opening ceremony and raising of the Jukola flag
14:00   Start of the Finland 100 Venla relay
17:00   Winner of the Finland 100 Venla relay finishes
18:30   The Venla relay changeover is closed
18:45   The Venla Relay mass start
19:00   Jukola ceremony and the Venla Relay prize giving ceremony
21:00   Forest church
22:00   The finish of the Venla Relay is closed
23:00   Start of the Jukola relay
23:05   Sun sets

Sunday 18th June
02:56   Sun rises
06:47   Winner of the Jukola relay finishes. The winning team reads the message of the Jukola relay
08:45   The Jukola relay changeover is closed
09:00   The re-start for leg 7
09:20   The re-starts for legs 2-6
09:20   Returning of maps
09:30   The Jukola relay prize giving ceremony and handing over the Jukola flag
15:00   The finish of the Jukola relay is closed
16:00   Competition Centre and info is closed