Joensuu-Jukola thanks all the athletes, volunteers and spectators from a wonderful event

Photo: Kare Nupponen.

Next year the 70th Jukola relay will be held in Lahti. The competition director Jorma Aherto thanks the organizers of this year’s Jukola for a job well done and wishes that the same nice feel will also be repeated in next years Jukola. He tells, that what comes to orienteering, the upward curves of Joensuu-Jukola will turn downwards and offer pits of various sizes and there will be a lot of green colour on the map. Aherto recommends to get to know the kettles well before the competition weekend. The organizers of Lahti-Hollola-Jukola have already ordered a weather a couple of degrees cooler than in this year’s Jukola.