The Message of Jukola viesti 2012

THE MESSAGE OF JUKOLAN VIESTI 2012 The novel by our national author Aleksis Kivi telling the story of the seven brothers of Jukola includes many proverbs and expressions that still live on among the Finnish speakers. One of these famous … Read more

A family of seven from the UK orienteered to Finland and Jukola

The Cochrane family from Ormskirk, UK is by no means directly from Aleksis Kivi’s Seven Brothers but the family fits nevertheless well to Jukola. Team 311 consist of parents Matthew and Jill, their children Edward, Jonathan, Sally and Thomas, called Tom, and his wife … Read more

Crying and smiling at the wailing wall

The wailing wall at the finish of the Jukola and Venla relays is far better than its reputation. Also today many Venla competitors left the wall with a smile on their face. ” We try to help the competitors as … Read more

SInging and beauty of the nature in the centre stage at the forest church of Jukola

In the early evening of Saturday, Hans Tuominen, the vicar of the Hakunila parish welcomed over 300 church goers to Håkansböle manor house grounds where the Valio-Jukola forest church was organised. Anne Viljamaa and the ensemble HowManyMothers, the flutist Inna Vintturi and pianist … Read more

Norwegian team Halden SK triumphed at the Jukola 2012 Venla relay at Vantaa

The relay was not short of excitement when the Finnish favourite Tampereen Pyrintö was disqualified already in the first change of the relay after the second leg runner was given the wrong map by her team mate. At the start … Read more

Tampereen Pyrintö disqualified

Excellent run on the second leg of the Venla relay completed Anni-Maija Fincke has been disqualified. She got the map of another team in the change area and at that point the relay had finished already for the team. With … Read more

Venlas are on the move!

1204 Venla teams charged into the Sipoonkorva forest from the Hakunila sports grounds in a swarming heat. The start was the first of its kind as the maps were handed out directly to the first leg runners in the start … Read more

Valio-Jukola opens

The organisation of the world biggest orienteering event has been a challenge, said the chair of the organising committee Veikko Kostiainen at the opening ceremony of Jukola in Vantaa. Traffic, catering and accommodation alone have been a challenge to organisers. … Read more

How fast would you guess that Minna Kauppi runs?

In the shopping and exhibition area of the competition centre you can test top orienteerer Minna Kauppi’s running speed on a treadmill! Minna Kaupi will be visiting the shopping area and be interviewed on Saturday at 18 hours.

Finns tough challengers this year in Jukola

Last year in Jukola the quartet of Tampereen Pyrintö Riina Kuuselo, Anni-Maija Fincke, Saila Kinni ja Venla Niemi was left second after exciting final battle for the victory. Also this year a fearce fight for the Venla victory is on … Read more

Statement by the Chief course master

In the Valio-Jukola orienteering terrain there are still some isolated tree fellings left from the autumn 2011 storm. Larger felling areas have either been fixed or are marked in the Valio-Jukola orienteering maps. One exempt remains, however, and this felling … Read more

Conveniently to Valio-Jukola by bus

Some 70 000 people, 10 000 vehicles and 300 buses are expected to Valio-Jukola this weekend. The heavy traffic load in the area will last for nearly a week starting from Thursday 14.6. The organizers urge people to use public … Read more

GPS tracked teams have been published

The teams that will be followed by GPS tracking devices at Valio-Jukola 2012 have now been published. GPS-tracking will be used in both Jukola and Venla relays. The organizers will confirm the top teams for each leg chosen to carry … Read more

Biggest ever Jukola orienteering relay event taking place in Vantaa next month

A record high number of teams will be competing in Valio-Jukola 2012 in Hakunila, Vantaa on 16-17 June. A total of 1245 women’s relay teams have registered to compete in the Venla race and 1654 in men’s Jukola. The 16558 … Read more

You still have time to register for Valio-Jukola

The registration for Valio-Jukola ends on Thursday May 17th. This means that you still have time to gather up a team and sign up for this summer’s largest orienteering competition in Vantaa. Valio-Jukola is an international orienteering relay event where … Read more

Competition instructions published

The competition instructions and the How to operate in Valio-Jukola instruction have now been published. The competition instructions include information for competitors from running orders and start to finish and restart. The How to operate in Valio-Jukola instructions include information … Read more

Changes to the start of Valio-Jukola

This year the opening leg maps of Valio-Jukola will be handed out directly to the opening leg runners of the relay teams. This will replace the earlier system that used wires from which, after receiving the start signal, the opening leg runners used to snatch the maps. Read more

Enrolment to Valio-Jukola 2012 has begun

Valio-Jukola event invitation has now been published and thus, entries to the event can be submitted. The event invitation provides important information about the relay competition, the enrolment as well as general instructions with regard to Valio-Jukola. Entries to both … Read more

Training possibilities near Jukola terrain

Valio-Jukola offers three different training courses for self training. The training terrain is located near the competition terrain in Vantaa, in Kerava and in Helsinki. The terrains have been chosen with such criteria that they resemble the actual Jukola 2012 … Read more

Defence Forces is the main partner of Valio-Jukola

Valio-Jukola 2012 and the Finnish Defence Forces have signed a partner agreement relating to Valio-Jukola relay race taking place on the 16th and 17th of June 2012 in Hakunila, Vantaa, Finland. The agreement was signed on Friday 7th of October … Read more

Chief Executive Officer of the Forest Administration, Mr. Jyrki Kangas, as the protector of Valio-Jukola

Chief Executive Officer of the Forest Administration, Mr. Jyrki Kangas, has promised to act as the protector of Valio-Jukola relay race which is taking place next summer. He was invited for the position in the end of September 2011. When … Read more

The Valio-Jukola office has been opened

The office of Valio-Jukola was opened in the early October. The office is located next to the competitor centre in Hakunila sport park. The office address is Sotungintie 19, 01200 Vantaa, Finland. The office serves the competitors and others interested … Read more

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Orienteering in Vantaa 2012

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