How to start

How to start in the Valio-Jukola 2012

This year the maps in the start of Valio-Jukola will be handed out directly to the opening leg runners of the Jukola and Venla relay teams. This will replace the earlier system that used wires from which, after the start signal, the opening leg runners used to snatch the maps.

The change in the start practice of Valio-Jukola ensures that this year’s compact competition centre is put in use most efficiently. Also, due to this new start arrangement, it will be easier to follow the competition as wires and poles from previous years’ will not stand in the way of the Valio-Jukola spectators.

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How to group for your start:

Finish and exchange areas
General view of the start, finish and exchange areas

Finish and exchange areas (pdf)

  • Allow adequate time for registration and resetting of your emit control card.
  • Check in advance (while flexing for the start) your own start row from the sign posts located at the edges of the start grid.
  • When announced (through the loudspeakers), move to the start spot matching your team’s start number. The start spot is indicated on a band laid down on the ground and marked with the number of your team.

Please go to your own start spot from either end of your own start row in order to avoid crisscrossing paths with others.

How to ensure getting the correct map:

Orienteerers waiting for their maps
Illustration of orienteerers waiting for their maps

Orienteers waiting for their maps (pdf)

  • Make sure that the band laid down on the ground carries the number of your team.
  • When announced (through loudspeakers), distribution of the maps starts. For each row of 30 first-leg runners there will be one Valio-Jukola staff member distributing maps.
  • Confirm that the map you receive carries the number of your team.
  • As stated in the competition rules, the competitor is responsible for taking the right map.

How to ensure equal and safe start of the relay for all:

  • Listen to the start announcements.
  • Keep the map on sight in front of your body until the start signal is fired.
  • Do not open the seal of the folded map prior to hearing the start signal. As stated in the competition rules, the relay team will be disqualified immediately if the seal of the map is opened too early.
  • In order to ensure that the (number) band on the ground is not in the way of the first-leg runners during the start, the Valio-Jukola staff will remove the bands by pulling off these from the sides of the rows. Do not move while this is being done.
  • Do not move forward before the start signal has been fired. As stated in the competition rules, the start of both Jukola and Venla relays will be recorded and any false starts, or those responsible for causing a false start, caught on the camera will lead to an immediate disqualification of respective relay team(s).
  • Please note that even the slightest movement forward may lead to disqualification of your team.