Host city: Porvoo – the city of charming moments

Porvoo is the second oldest city in Finland, after Turku, and located only 50 kilometres east of Helsinki. The Old Porvoo, with its riverside warehouses, is one of the most photographed national landscapes in Finland and a steady favourite among tourists.

Travellers come every year to admire the colourful wooden houses and stroll on the winding pebbled streets, to enjoy what the restaurants and cafés have to offer, and to shop in the chocolateshops and small boutiques; others like to relax in the National Urban Park that stretches over the whole river valley. Special moments are captured in Porvoo and they are looked back on for a long time.

Porvoo is a place you fall in love with and return to, time after time. Many people have fallen for it so hard that they have moved to Porvoo, the home town of your dreams with over 50,000 inhabitants.


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