This is for you, Fäbu

My strongest emotions at a Jukola-relay, I experienced 2012 when i got the challenge and the honour to run the last leg for Kalevan Rasti first team. The evening before the race i went to bed early, trying to get at least some sleep. When my alarm rang in the middle of the night, the first thing i did is checking the TV and the standings, and I saw our 3rd-leg runner Simo-Pekka Fincke taking over the lead and finishing first with a gap. Extremly motivated and inspired I drove to the competition center and started to prepare my race, while my teammates increased the lead leg by leg. And when it was my time to start I got my map handed over from Philippe Adamski with the words: “This is for you, Fäbu“ and I took on the challenge with a big smile.

I had a safe start and when i came to the part of the race where the last leg got a complete “new“ part of terrain where none of legs before have been, I enjoyed one of my best or even the best experience in my orienteering career. Running through the forest just when the sun is rising at the horizon and the birds start to tweet, mixed with the excitement leading Jukola on the last leg is simply unforgettable. Meeting my teammates at the last control topped the feelings and made it a night to remember…

Feelings from Valio-Jukola 2012 (by Finnish Orienteering Federation)

Fabian Hertner
Jukola relay winner 2012, 2013 and 2013
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