Joensuu-Jukola competition maps to the print – embargoed area sharpens

The embargoed area of Joensuu-Jukola has been updated on February 21.

Road 514 is at use during the whole event. Road 515 will be closed between Road 514 and Konnunvaara for a period that will be announced later.

Competition map and legs are the biggest and most important secret of an orienteering competition. Joensuu-Jukola offers authentic orienteering, meaning skillful and physical challenges with an excellent map. The competition map of Joensuu-Jukola is created by Jussi Silvennoinen, who was also behind the maps of Jukola relay in 2014 and 2015. He has also provided his mapping skills to use in Sweden and France. His biggest project of the past two years has taken Silvennoinen to map for the best and the worst enemy of Kalevan Rasti, Halden SK, in Norway.

Creating orienteering maps has become easier as technology develops and the base material improves. However, a map is always its makers interpretation of the terrain and the maps by two different mappers of the same area are always different. Creating of a map requires balancing between the amount of details and readability. The mapping style of Silvennoinen could be described as exceptionally clear and liked.

The competition maps of Joensuu-Jukola will be printed by print house PunaMusta in Joensuu during the February, and the maps will be pocketed by the end of March. An orienteerer will get the map to their hands only during the run-time of the competition.

“Many would love to already learn all the exact plans – what does the competition map look like, where will the first control point or where are the TV control points. But many secrets and dispersion are only revealed after the relays during the competition weekend”, reminds Jussi Silvennoinen.

Finland 100 Venla relay and the legs of Jukola are created by Petri Vainio and Simo Martomaa. An important contribution is also the work of leg supervisor Jarmo Puttonen from Vaajakosken Teräs. The legs of Joensuu-Jukola are challenging and sport-wise fair, which is made sure with test runs during the two previous summers by the top orienteeres of the organizing club.

Joensuu-Jukola also offers quality practices during the spring, which are designed by the top orienteeres of Kalevan Rasti, Mari Väänänen, Thierry Gueorgiou, Jan Procházka, Santeri Silvennoinen and Aaro Asikainen.

“Successful teams need to perfectly understand the terrain type and note how easy the terrain is to go through when they make decisions about the route. Hillside orienteering is a crucial skill in the hilly terrain,” tells Thierry Gueorgiou.

The best teams already got to know the terrain type in camps during the last autumn and again the coming spring. Foreign teams will arrive to Joensuu a few days before the competition to get a feel of the terrain.

More info about the map and terrain. See out training packages.