Google Maps  will  present  the arrival instructions to Joensuu-Jukola by bus, car, caravan and some of the competion centre functions.

Shuttle bus from Joensuu

There will be a shuttle bus from Joensuu city centre to the competition centre following the route Joensuu-Eno-Joensuu from Friday to Sunday. The bus route is Racetrack-Travel stop at the market square-Lehmonramppi-ABC Uuro-Eno.

On Saturday 17.6. the shuttle bus from Joensuu starts at 6.30am and the last bus to Eno leaves from there at 10pm.

Buses from Eno to Joensuu leave every half and hour. During the night from Saturday to Sunday the last bus from Eno to Joensuu leaves at 2.15am.

On Sunday the buses from Joensuu to Eno leave at 6.30am – 12pm.

Buses from Eno to Joensuu will be organized every half an hour from 7.45am – 3.15pm.

Passenger cars

Please be prepared for traffic jams and book enough time if arriving by car. Passenger cars will be parked on fields, approximately 3,400 metres from the competition centre. There will be no transport from the fields to the competition centre. However, baggage transport will be organized.

All passenger cars will follow road signs from the crossroads of the roads 73 and 5100 to parking areas.

Road 512 throught the Eno will be closed from 12am on 16 June to 4pm on June 18. Road 514 is at use during the whole event.

Club buses

The club busses drive to the competition centre according to the normal signposting. Close to the competition centre there is a specific bus signposting.

Club buses have their own loading/unloading point close to the competition centre on the road 514. After loading/unloading the bus, event officials will direct the club buses to the bus parking area.

Bus transportation from Joensuu train station

We will organize a chargeable bus transportation from Joensuu train station to Eno on Saturday 17.6. from the trains arriving from South at 2.40pm and 5.40pm. On Sunday 18.6. we will organize a chargeable bus transportation from Eno to Joensuu train station so that the participants can catch the trains leaving south at 12.17pm and 3.17pm.

Trains from Joensuu to Eno

Regional train from Joensuu to Eno. Timetable and fares on

Joensuu Eno
Pe 16.6. klo 11.47 klo 12.12
Pe 16.6. klo 18.00 klo 18.25
La 17.6 klo 11.47 klo 12.12.
Eno  Joensuu
La 17.6 klo 17.19 klo 17.45
Su 18.6. klo 17.19 klo 17.45


Caravan parking 4 and 5 are available for those who have reserved and paid in advance according to the competition invitation. Road signs with the additional sign of caravan lead to the caravan area.