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Information for the media

All the requested parking permits have been sent to the recipients, and other material has been delivered by post.

If your accommodation is in the centre of Kuopio, it is advisable to approach the competition centre from the north.

The map where you can see how to go to the competition centre can be seen on the other side of the parking permit (you can also find it on our website (Competition -> Traffic connections).

When approaching the competition centre, place the parking permit inside the windscreen so that it is clearly visible. Follow the VIP/Media signs. Leave the parking permit in your car so that it is clearly visible.

The Media centre is right next to the finishing line. The fastest route from the car park to the Media centre: walk 200 m on the main road, go through the main gate to the competition centre, go straight ahead and you will find Media centre on the right. A doorman will let you in when you tell him you represent the media.

In the media info you will get your ID-card, photographer’s waistcoat (if you asked to have one) and other material needed.

There will be plenty of media people in Kuopio-Jukola so please remember that our resources are limited and we have to be flexible.

There are 80 working units and a wireless WLAN connection, also a broadband connection for those who have made a request in advance.

For photographers there are plenty of options available, but some of them limited. You will get more information in the Media centre.

There are no press conferences on Friday or on Saturday morning. The Competition Manager and the Course Planners will be available in the Media centre on Saturday. The exact time will be announced later.

The VIP/Media cruise hosted by the City of Kuopio will take place on Friday 13.6. at 6 pm – 8 pm. Enrollment in advance was requested. The cruise leaves from the pier at Rauhalahti – please follow the signs from the hotel and be in time.

The Media centre is open:

  • Friday 13.6. 12 – 18
  • Saturday 14.6.  8 – 2S
  • Sunday 15.6. 00 – 15

The phone number to the Media centre when it is open: 044 061 4415

Information desk at Hotel Rauhalahti:
Friday 13.6. 14 – 18

Inquiries: media.2014(at)











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