All accommodation located within the competition centre has to be booked and paid for by May 8th 2014. Camping places, rented tents provided by the organizers and wind shelters are booked through the electronic registration system. Please note that your accommodation will be confirmed only after you have paid the required fee. You can find the fees in the Event Invitation.

Competion centre and tents areas pdf-file

Accommodation will be primarily in the clubs’ own tents. The area reserved for tents is located in a field, and the areas for tents are 10 x 10 m or 5 x 5 m.

10×10 m tents pdf-file (fixed 3.6. 20:25)
5×5 m tents pdf-file

Further information about booking tent areas will be available on the website of Kuopio-Jukola.

In addition, a limited number (350) of unheated tents (each tent is for a maximum of 16 people) will be provided by the organizers. The tents are located no more than 500 meters from the main guiding pole. 200 of these tents are meant primarily for foreign clubs and 150 for Finnish clubs. They will be booked per tent.

Rental tents pdf-file

Foreign clubs can book and pay for the tents through the electronic enrolment system together with the entry by May 8th 2014. If there are still tents available after that time, there will be an announcement on the website of Kuopio-Jukola when more bookings can be made.

There will also be a limited number of sleeping places on school classroom floors available. The schools are located about 3 km from the competition centre. Floor accommodation has to be booked and paid for by May 8th 2014.

The parking area for caravans is located less than 1000 metres from the main guiding pole. There will be a limited number of places available, and they will be given out in the booking order. Caravan parking has to be booked by May 8th 2014 by sending an email to info.2014(at) Parking fee will be collected on arrival.

Private cottages and apartments can be rented from locals in Vehmersalmi village and near the city of Kuopio. Further information at: info.2014(at)

Wind shelters for the teams

Clubs and associations have an opportunity to book a place for a wind shelter near the changeover/finishing area. Teams with the best rankings in Jämsä-Jukola will have first priority in the first row. Those clubs and associations which make an entry for at least eight teams (both Jukola and Venla teams added together) will have the right to book a place for two wind shelters.

Service tents pdf-file

Booking and payment for the places should be done on May 8th 2014 at the latest. The place will be confirmed after the payment has been received.

Teh tent village of Jämsä-Jukola 2013

The tent village of Jämsä-Jukola 2013.











Osuusisännät Venlojen-viesti

Osuusisännät Jukolan-viesti