“This is a good place to practise” – There is plenty to do for children at the Kids World

6-year old Joonatan Hirn has navigated the kids’ orienteering route at least 30 times.

The most enthusiastic junior runner at Kangasala-Jukola is without a doubt 6-year old Joonatan Hirn from Sipoo. By 11 am on Saturday he had completed the Kids World orienteering route 27 times.

Why all the enthusiasm, Joonatan?

– Well, this is a good place to practise, comments Joonatan before rushing off to round no. 28.

The route is timed. Joonatan’s record this morning is 47 seconds.

– I have tried orienteering before in Rovaniemi and Järvenpää. Here the most challenging control is the fourth one. I fell and nearly tripped there.

The bouncy castle is a big draw

The Kids World is organised by the Kangasala MLL (Mannerheim League for Child Welfare) and boy scouts association Sahalahden Sinisudet.

– The Särkäniemi Zones indoor park bouncy castle has been very popular. In addition we have hobby horses, an obstacle course, ball games and for our youngest guests, a diaper station and microwave for warming food, says Joona Malmi, head of Kids World and managers Marketta Nieminen and Gitte Mustonen.

One of the Jukola Kids World favourites is the traditional bouncy castle.

The Kids World is open 10-21 on Saturday and 9-12 on Sunday.

– The diaper station and microwave are always available, we have someone here all the time to supervise.

Scouts’ tent site

Sahalahden Sinisusi scout association has put up a magnificent tent site at the back of the Kids World.

– There are several fun activities that everyone can come and participate in, Satu Kangas comments.

The daughters of an orienteering family, Melissa and Matilda Hellstén tried their hand at building a pyramid. Mother Riia Leppäaho watched by while waiting for the start of the Venla relay.

– I am competing in the Rakina2-team, and Juha Hellstén, father of the children, competes in the Jukola relay MS Parma4 -team.

In addition to all the activities, the Kids World includes a dedicated resting area.

Matilda from Raisio (left) and Melissa Hirn visited the Sahalahden Sinisusi scout camp on Saturday morning.