The Venla relay began with Halden SK in the lead

Sabine Hauswirth from Halden SK started with a strong performance on the first leg. Hauswirth already had a lead coming up to the second control. Halden had a lead of 1.21 minutes at the first changeover. The first leg was approximately 5 km long.

Hauswirth was very pleased with her performance.

– It was fun. We had a long discussion before the race about the challenging terrain, but I actually found it to be really enjoyable and I tried to stay in control and be specific about my location. It felt slow at first but turned out to be quite fast.

Hauswirth was surprised at the first changeover..

– I wasn’t sure if I was in the lead until I arrived at the changeover. I had to check whether I had missed one of the controls. It was strange to be running on my own during the first leg.

The speed was due to a varying tactic..

– The terrain was very varied. Occasionally I could see quite far and occasionally I had to rely on the map and compass while running. I had to use a different tactic between each control, says Hauswirth.

The second person to arrive at the changeover was Anni-Maija Finke. A strong performance by her, from The Tampereen Pyrintö second team.

In third place was Ingeborg Eide from Byåsen.

Krista Pärmäkoski, running the first leg for the Kyrös-Rasti1-team arrived at the changeover 7.25 minutes from the lead.

– It was nice to run in familiar terrain. The orienteering was safe and pleasant.

Pärmäkoski comments that she hasn’t had too much time to practise this summer before Venla.

– I did a round a couple of weeks ago, but that’s about it says Pärmäkoski in good spirits.

Text: Jukka Manninen
Photos: Mika Kiviluoma