Much praise for a good map and the varying terrain of Kangasala

The mobile reporter team of Kangasala Jukola interviewed five competitors shortly after they had crossed the finish line. They shared their views on the map, terrain and personal performance.

Heli Rasimus from Kokkola represented Pihkaniskat from Vantaa. Heli participated in her fourth or fifth Jukola.

She set off for the third leg of her team around half past three on Sunday morning. The undulating terrain in Kangasala offered just the kind of challenges that she knew to anticipate.

– “Terrain was quite tough and stony. I had to be really careful not to hurt myself. The map was interesting, I liked it a lot.”

Heli Rasimus

Lauri Ämmälä of Rasti-Lukko orienteered the fourth leg of his team.

– “Terrain offered the right amount of challenge without being too difficult. The map was easy-to-ready,” Lauri said.

Lauri Ämmälä

Riikka Marjamaa of Kärkijoukkue took up orienteering just this spring. She described the route and terrain as challenging.

– “Luckily I got help from the other orienteers in terrain,” she said.

Riikka Marjamaa

Sauli Hakala of Suunta-Jurva is a true veteran of Jukola. The competition in Kangasala was his 33rd or 34th Jukola, he cannot recall exactly.

With decades of experience under his belt, he praised the map and terrain.

– “I had to actually orienteer, there were no paths or roads in terrain. Those are the worst for me personally at least.”

Sauli orienteered the 4th leg of his team. He described his own performance as reasonable.

Sauli Hakala

Joni Hirvonen of Lahden Suunnistajat ran the sixth leg of his team. Fifth- or sixth-time Jukola-goer praised the simplified map.

– “Janne Weckman did good with the maps. But you still had to keep a close eye on the map, I almost lost my heading a couple of times. Terrain was just what I expected – small-featured and controls on slopes. In the end, it was best to advance in a straight line,” Joni said.

Like many other clubs, Lahden Suunnistajat had also camped in the vicinity of the competition site before the actual competition.

– “We had one camp weekend involving training sessions during the night and day.”

Joni Hirvonen

Text: Tuula Ruusumaa
Photos: Ilpo Kuparinen (orienteers), Antti Harkko (terrain)