Kangasala Jukola expresses a warm thank you to all parties, Rovaniemi accepts the Jukola flag

The Jukola flag was handed over to the organisers of Arctic Circle Jukola in connection with the prize giving ceremony of the Jukola Relay.

The persons in charge of Kangasala Jukola were visibly pleased to see how their five-year project turned out this weekend. The competition was exciting, the weather was terrific, the atmosphere was once again special – the weekend in the fields and forest of Heponiemi was all in all very successful.

– “At this point, the only thing left to express is my enormous gratitude to the land owners, partners, volunteers and orienteers. I feel both happy and relieved, when I can say that our great projects has been a great success,” said Competition Director Harri Virta on the sunny Sunday morning.

Mayor Oskari Auvinen of Kangasala was impressed by the experience:

– “Jukola is a unique event that brings orienteers together and its organisation requires always a huge effort by volunteers. About 2,000 volunteers organised this top event by contributing their most precious input, that is their own time, to make this event the success it is.”

He wishes the best of luck to the organisers of Arctic Circle Jukola in Rovaniemi.

– “Participating in the organisation of the event is a unique opportunity and special experience. In the end, all the hard work will pay off when numerous fans of orienteering will assemble from all over the world to Rovaniemi in 2020,” Auvinen said.

Next up the night of the midnight sun in Rovaniemi

According to Competition Director Martti Anttila of Arctic Circle Jukola, next year will be a busy one for the Rovaniemi team.

– “We gained valuable information on many topics in Kangasala and we are very excited to continue with the arrangements that are progressing well.”

General Secretary Sami Leinonen emphasises that now it is starting to hit home that the next Jukola Relay will take place in Rovaniemi.

“Time flies by increasingly fast and now it’s time to specify and finalise many things.”

The stand of Arctic Circle Jukola in Kangasala attracted many interested persons. People were mostly concerned about the means of communication to Rovaniemi.

– Many expressed a wish for a Jukola train from Southern Finland, and we are working very hard on it. We are also negotiating with airlines to make arriving to Rovaniemi as smooth as possible.

Photos: Marjo Lalli / Ilpo Kuparinen