Finnish people have felt joy reading the reviews which state Finland is the happiest country in the World. The Finnish education system is often mentioned to be one of the fundamental keys to the happiness.

In Finland, all citizens have equal opportunities to educate themselves all the way to the highest academic levels, regardless of their backgrounds. The Finnish education system has been praised worldwide and education has become one of the leading export products for Finland. The model is admired and copied all over the World. The Finnish education system has been improved over long period of time. This has been possible because the attitude towards education and learning has stayed positive for long. Yet this has not always been the case. The author Aleksis Kivi spoke with Juhani’s mouth, the eldest of the Jukola brothers, when he wrote these words:

”What ox-like daftness on our part to sit on the hymnleader´s bench, a-b-c in hand, sit for two devilish days.”

Here by the majestetic rocks of Valkeisvuori, Kangasala, with this message that has been carried out trough the summer night, we salute the Finnish National Agency of Education and want to thank them for their work towards enhancing and cherising the level of education.

Kangasala, June 16th , 2019

The orienteers of Jukola Relay

Photos: Marjo Lalli (the start), Antti Harkko (the winning team)