Cheerful Norwegian students enjoy the atmosphere at Jukola once again

Traditional NTNUI Orienteering from Trondheim participated in the Jukola Relay with ten teams. This time, the club operating in connection with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim sent five teams to participate in the Venla Relay and fine teams to the Jukola Relay.

Early in the Sunday morning at the camp of the Norwegians, Vegard Jarvis Westergård said that Venlas did not have the best of days. Many injuries impacted the composition of their team. NTNUI’s best Venla team was 38th to cross the finish line.

– “Few of them, however, did good,” he says.

NTNUI’s best Jukola team was 13th at the finish line. Westergård says that their teams 1 and 2 compete at the top level, as is demonstrated by their placement, but the other teams have less ambitious goals.

– “The other teams are here to enjoy themselves and to have fun.”

Even though NTNUI’s team is composed of young women and men, many of them are experienced Jukola-goers. Westergård has been running in the Finnish summer night since he was 15.

The club is known for their boisterous conduct at competitions sites. At its best, several NTNUI busses arrive at Tiomila packed with orienteers who start to unload drum sets and torches.

The teams arrived with more modest equipment to Kangasala. In the sunlight of the Sunday morning, the teams are enjoying their good results and the successfully organised Jukola Relay.

Kangasala was praised, in particular, for the course and also for the other arrangements.

– “The event was once again well-organised. Then again, there has never been any problems at Jukola.”

Text: Tuula Ruusumaa
Photos: Aaro Tuukkanen