More than 20 500 orienteers registered for Kangasala Jukola

Registration for Kangasala-Jukola closed on May 29th. The final number of registered orienteers was 20 592 which is a new participant record.

The previous record from Lahti-Hollola Jukola, 19 773 orienteers, was crossed already at the beginning of May. At the same time was achieved the bound of 20 000 registered orienteers for the first time in Jukola history.

The number of registered teams in Venla relay is 1 718, which is almost one hundred teams more than ever before. In Jukola relay, the number of registered teams crosses the previous record by 65 teams.

General Secretory of Kangasala-Jukola, Antti Rantala is satisfied with the new participant record.

– The participant record shows the popularity of orienteering and especially the growth of fitness orienteering. This is also a great prize for all the volunteers that have been working for years to arrange the competition.

There will be teams coming from 23 different countries in Kangasala-Jukola. The biggest club in Jukola relay is Helsingin Suunnistajat with 17 teams. In Venla relay, Tampereen Pyrintö has registered as much as 30 teams.