Solutions for the route choice task of Kisapirtti

The longish leg planned on the Kisapirtti terrain gives several good route choice opportunities. The rich path network is definitely worth taking advantage of, because the vegetation is partly dense and the ground is stony. A few potential route choice opportunities with explanations are presented below.

1. Detour by path on right (blue line)

The right-handed opportunity offers good running ground for almost the entire leg. Orienteering-wise the option is clearly the easiest and the most straightforward to implement, therefore definitely it is an option to consider for night legs as well as for beginners. Of course, the detour route is longer than going straight and it might not be the fastest option for experienced orienteers.

2. Route from left (green line)

The beginning of the left route relies on a fairly clear hill side, where, however, the dense vegetation might partly slow down the speed and make orienteering more difficult. Rest of the route follows hiking paths, where the orienteering challenges are much easier and runnability is better. However, half way throught the route is needed to climb the highest hill in the area, where the climb meters slow down the speed. Orienteering-wise the route choice is more difficult than the detour on right, but it also is shorter. The route fits to a physically strong orienteer, who is strong on climb.

3. Staight option (orange line)

The straight route choice follows mainly paths, but right in the beginning of the leg on the stony and flat area good compass work is needed to find the beginning of the path without mistakes. There is also an option to go without a path in the middle of the route, but the beginning of the next path in the open area is easily noticeable. This route choice is the shortest and, thanks to the paths, the choice has also quite good runnability. To an experienced orienteer this option is probably the fastest as long as the legs between paths go well.