Making of Jukola Live

Jarmo Tanskanen is an orienteering enthusiast and the Head of Arena production of Jukola relay 2019. His goal is to make Jukola relay even more known around the world via live stream broadcast called Jukola Live.

Tell us about yourself and how you’re linked to Jukola relay.

I am Jarmo Tanskanen, the Head of Arena production of Jukola relay this year. Orienteering has been part of my life since adolescence, and also because my son started orienteering around 15 years ago. As a member of Kangasala SK -orienteering club I got this position in Jukolan Viesti. I started this project 5 years ago, so it’s already been a long journey for many of us.

What is the main goal of Jukola Live?

The main goal of Jukola is to make orienteering more known and more popular around the world. We aim to spread the joy of orienteering, and Jukola Live focuses on making it possible to follow the relay from outside Finland. Via Jukola Live you can join the excitement wherever you are.

Is this Jukola Live a brand new thing?

Jukola live stream has existed for the last 3 to 4 years. Our goal has been branding Jukola Live more and link it even more closely to Jukola relay. Our vision is to market Jukola Live bigger and better, so it reaches more viewers.

How is Jukola Live different this year?

I believe content is the king. We invest in offering loads of interesting and versatile content during the Jukola relay. In Jukola Live there will be interviews with top athletes and intense GPS-tracking where you can watch orienteers move in the map. We also have excellent sportscasters.

What are the biggest obstacles of Jukola Live?

The biggest challenge for us is marketing. We should reach the right people that are interested in this type of sports event, all around the world.

Where are you now with Jukola Live production?

Marketing has been started, sportscasters have been selected. Now we are focusing on the details of the content: time schedules and so on.

What are your biggest hopes and wishes with this year’s Jukola relay?

I am waiting for the biggest Jukola of all time. I am hoping for good weather, so we can all fully enjoy the thrilling atmosphere of the competition.

Next year, you won’t be part of Jukola relay production anymore. Are you going to take part on the competition yourself?

Yes, absolutely! Rovaniemi is calling!


Text: Ella Tanskanen, photo: Jarmo Tanskanen